App::LinkBaseExtension Class Reference

#include <Link.h>


struct  PropInfo

Public Types

enum  { LinkModeNone , LinkModeAutoDelete , LinkModeAutoLink , LinkModeAutoUnlink }

Public Member Functions

 LinkBaseExtension ()
virtual ~LinkBaseExtension ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::DocumentObjectExtension
 DocumentObjectExtension ()
App::DocumentObjectgetExtendedObject ()
const App::DocumentObjectgetExtendedObject () const
virtual const char * getViewProviderExtensionName (void) const
 returns the type name of the ViewProviderExtension which is automatically attached to the viewprovider object when it is initiated More...
virtual void onExtendedSettingDocument ()
 get called after setting the document More...
virtual void onExtendedSetupObject ()
 get called after a brand new object was created More...
virtual ~DocumentObjectExtension ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
 Extension ()
App::ExtensionContainergetExtendedContainer ()
const App::ExtensionContainergetExtendedContainer () const
virtual void initExtension (App::ExtensionContainer *obj)
bool isPythonExtension ()
std::string name () const
virtual ~Extension ()
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyName (const Property *prop) const
 get the name of a property More...
virtual void extensionGetPropertyMap (std::map< std::string, Property * > &Map) const
 get all properties of the class (including properties of the parent) More...
virtual void extensionGetPropertyList (std::vector< Property * > &List) const
 get all properties of the class (including properties of the parent) More...
virtual short extensionGetPropertyType (const Property *prop) const
 get the Type of a Property More...
virtual short extensionGetPropertyType (const char *name) const
 get the Type of a named Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyGroup (const Property *prop) const
 get the Group of a Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyGroup (const char *name) const
 get the Group of a named Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyDocumentation (const Property *prop) const
 get the Group of a Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyDocumentation (const char *name) const
 get the Group of a named Property More...
virtual void extensionSave (Base::Writer &) const
virtual void extensionRestore (Base::XMLReader &)
bool extensionIsDerivedFrom (const Base::Type type) const

Parameter definition

Parameter definition (Name, Type, Property Type, Default, Document).

The variadic is here so that the parameter can be extended by adding extra fields. See LINK_PARAM_EXT() for an example

enum  PropIndex { PropMax }
typedef std::map< std::string, PropInfoPropInfoMap
typedef std::map< const Property *, std::pair< LinkBaseExtension *, int > > LinkPropMap
std::vector< Property * > props
std::unordered_set< const App::DocumentObject * > myHiddenElements
std::vector< std::string > mySubElements
std::string mySubName
std::unordered_map< const App::DocumentObject *, boost::signals2::scoped_connection > plainGroupConns
long myOwner
std::unordered_map< std::string, int > myLabelCache
bool enableLabelCache
bool hasOldSubElement
bool checkingProperty = false
virtual void setProperty (int idx, Property *prop)
PropertygetProperty (int idx)
PropertygetProperty (const char *)
virtual const std::vector< PropInfo > & getPropertyInfo () const
virtual const PropInfoMapgetPropertyInfoMap () const
std::vector< DocumentObject * > getLinkedChildren (bool filter=true) const
const char * flattenSubname (const char *subname) const
void expandSubname (std::string &subname) const
DocumentObjectgetLink (int depth=0) const
Base::Matrix4D getTransform (bool transform) const
Base::Vector3d getScaleVector () const
App::GroupExtensionlinkedPlainGroup () const
bool linkTransform () const
const char * getSubName () const
const std::vector< std::string > & getSubElements () const
bool extensionGetSubObject (DocumentObject *&ret, const char *subname, PyObject **pyObj=0, Base::Matrix4D *mat=0, bool transform=false, int depth=0) const override
 Get the sub object by name. More...
bool extensionGetSubObjects (std::vector< std::string > &ret, int reason) const override
 Get name references of all sub objects. More...
bool extensionGetLinkedObject (DocumentObject *&ret, bool recurse, Base::Matrix4D *mat, bool transform, int depth) const override
 Get the linked object. More...
virtual App::DocumentObjectExecReturnextensionExecute (void) override
virtual short extensionMustExecute (void) override
virtual void extensionOnChanged (const Property *p) override
virtual void onExtendedUnsetupObject () override
 get called when object is going to be removed from the document More...
virtual void onExtendedDocumentRestored () override
 get called after a document has been fully restored More...
virtual int extensionSetElementVisible (const char *, bool) override
virtual int extensionIsElementVisible (const char *) override
virtual bool extensionHasChildElement () const override
virtual PyObjectgetExtensionPyObject (void) override
virtual PropertyextensionGetPropertyByName (const char *name) const override
 find a property by its name More...
int getElementIndex (const char *subname, const char **psubname=0) const
void elementNameFromIndex (int idx, std::ostream &ss) const
DocumentObjectgetContainer ()
const DocumentObjectgetContainer () const
void setLink (int index, DocumentObject *obj, const char *subname=0, const std::vector< std::string > &subs=std::vector< std::string >())
DocumentObjectgetTrueLinkedObject (bool recurse, Base::Matrix4D *mat=0, int depth=0, bool noElement=false) const
bool hasPlacement () const
void cacheChildLabel (int enable=-1) const
static int getArrayIndex (const char *subname, const char **psubname=0)
void parseSubName () const
void update (App::DocumentObject *parent, const Property *prop)
void syncElementList ()
void detachElement (App::DocumentObject *obj)
void checkGeoElementMap (const App::DocumentObject *obj, const App::DocumentObject *linked, PyObject **pyObj, const char *postfix) const
void updateGroup ()
void slotChangedPlainGroup (const App::DocumentObject &, const App::Property &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
void initExtensionType (Base::Type type)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
static void initExtensionSubclass (Base::Type &toInit, const char *ClassName, const char *ParentName, Base::Type::instantiationMethod method=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from App::Extension
bool m_isPythonExtension = false
Py::Object ExtensionPythonObject

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LinkPropMap

typedef std::map<const Property*,std::pair<LinkBaseExtension*,int> > App::LinkBaseExtension::LinkPropMap

◆ PropInfoMap

typedef std::map<std::string, PropInfo> App::LinkBaseExtension::PropInfoMap

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

◆ PropIndex


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LinkBaseExtension()

LinkBaseExtension::LinkBaseExtension ( void  )

◆ ~LinkBaseExtension()

LinkBaseExtension::~LinkBaseExtension ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ cacheChildLabel()

void LinkBaseExtension::cacheChildLabel ( int  enable = -1) const

◆ checkGeoElementMap()

void LinkBaseExtension::checkGeoElementMap ( const App::DocumentObject obj,
const App::DocumentObject linked,
PyObject **  pyObj,
const char *  postfix 
) const

◆ detachElement()

void LinkBaseExtension::detachElement ( App::DocumentObject obj)

◆ elementNameFromIndex()

void LinkBaseExtension::elementNameFromIndex ( int  idx,
std::ostream &  ss 
) const

◆ expandSubname()

void LinkBaseExtension::expandSubname ( std::string &  subname) const

◆ extensionExecute()

◆ extensionGetLinkedObject()

bool LinkBaseExtension::extensionGetLinkedObject ( DocumentObject *&  ret,
bool  recursive,
Base::Matrix4D mat,
bool  transform,
int  depth 
) const

Get the linked object.

See also
Return turn if handled, the linked object is returned in ret

Reimplemented from App::DocumentObjectExtension.

References getContainer(), getTransform(), and getTrueLinkedObject().

◆ extensionGetPropertyByName()

Property * LinkBaseExtension::extensionGetPropertyByName ( const char *  name) const

find a property by its name

Reimplemented from App::Extension.

References checkingProperty, App::Extension::extensionGetPropertyByName(), getContainer(), and getTrueLinkedObject().

◆ extensionGetSubObject()

bool LinkBaseExtension::extensionGetSubObject ( DocumentObject *&  ret,
const char *  subname,
PyObject **  pyObj = 0,
Base::Matrix4D mat = 0,
bool  transform = false,
int  depth = 0 
) const

◆ extensionGetSubObjects()

bool LinkBaseExtension::extensionGetSubObjects ( std::vector< std::string > &  ret,
int  reason 
) const

Get name references of all sub objects.

See also
Return turn if handled, the sub object is returned in ret

Reimplemented from App::DocumentObjectExtension.

References App::DocumentObject::getSubObjects(), getTrueLinkedObject(), mySubElements, and App::Extension::name().

◆ extensionHasChildElement()

bool LinkBaseExtension::extensionHasChildElement ( ) const

◆ extensionIsElementVisible()

int LinkBaseExtension::extensionIsElementVisible ( const char *  element)

◆ extensionMustExecute()

short LinkBaseExtension::extensionMustExecute ( void  )

Reimplemented from App::DocumentObjectExtension.

References getLink().

◆ extensionOnChanged()

void LinkBaseExtension::extensionOnChanged ( const Property p)

◆ extensionSetElementVisible()

int LinkBaseExtension::extensionSetElementVisible ( const char *  element,
bool  visible 

◆ flattenSubname()

const char * LinkBaseExtension::flattenSubname ( const char *  subname) const

◆ getArrayIndex()

int LinkBaseExtension::getArrayIndex ( const char *  subname,
const char **  psubname = 0 

◆ getContainer() [1/2]

◆ getContainer() [2/2]

const DocumentObject * LinkBaseExtension::getContainer ( ) const

◆ getElementIndex()

◆ getExtensionPyObject()

PyObject * LinkBaseExtension::getExtensionPyObject ( void  )

◆ getLink()

◆ getLinkedChildren()

std::vector< App::DocumentObject * > LinkBaseExtension::getLinkedChildren ( bool  filter = true) const

◆ getProperty() [1/2]

Property * LinkBaseExtension::getProperty ( const char *  name)

◆ getProperty() [2/2]

◆ getPropertyInfo()

const std::vector< LinkBaseExtension::PropInfo > & LinkBaseExtension::getPropertyInfo ( ) const

Referenced by getPropertyInfoMap(), and setProperty().

◆ getPropertyInfoMap()

const LinkBaseExtension::PropInfoMap & LinkBaseExtension::getPropertyInfoMap ( ) const

References getPropertyInfo().

Referenced by getProperty().

◆ getScaleVector()

Base::Vector3d LinkBaseExtension::getScaleVector ( ) const

◆ getSubElements()

const std::vector<std::string>& App::LinkBaseExtension::getSubElements ( ) const

◆ getSubName()

const char* App::LinkBaseExtension::getSubName ( ) const

Referenced by getTrueLinkedObject().

◆ getTransform()

Base::Matrix4D LinkBaseExtension::getTransform ( bool  transform) const

◆ getTrueLinkedObject()

◆ hasPlacement()

bool App::LinkBaseExtension::hasPlacement ( ) const

◆ linkedPlainGroup()

App::GroupExtension * LinkBaseExtension::linkedPlainGroup ( ) const

References getTrueLinkedObject(), and mySubElements.

Referenced by update(), and updateGroup().

◆ linkTransform()

bool LinkBaseExtension::linkTransform ( ) const

Referenced by getTrueLinkedObject().

◆ onExtendedDocumentRestored()

void LinkBaseExtension::onExtendedDocumentRestored ( )

◆ onExtendedUnsetupObject()

void LinkBaseExtension::onExtendedUnsetupObject ( )

get called when object is going to be removed from the document

Reimplemented from App::DocumentObjectExtension.

References detachElement().

◆ parseSubName()

void LinkBaseExtension::parseSubName ( ) const

◆ setLink()

void LinkBaseExtension::setLink ( int  index,
DocumentObject obj,
const char *  subname = 0,
const std::vector< std::string > &  subs = std::vector<std::string>() 

◆ setProperty()

◆ slotChangedPlainGroup()

void LinkBaseExtension::slotChangedPlainGroup ( const App::DocumentObject obj,
const App::Property prop 

References updateGroup().

Referenced by updateGroup().

◆ syncElementList()

void LinkBaseExtension::syncElementList ( )

◆ update()

◆ updateGroup()

Member Data Documentation

◆ checkingProperty

bool App::LinkBaseExtension::checkingProperty = false

◆ enableLabelCache

bool App::LinkBaseExtension::enableLabelCache

◆ hasOldSubElement

bool App::LinkBaseExtension::hasOldSubElement

◆ myHiddenElements

std::unordered_set<const App::DocumentObject*> App::LinkBaseExtension::myHiddenElements

◆ myLabelCache

std::unordered_map<std::string,int> App::LinkBaseExtension::myLabelCache

◆ myOwner

long App::LinkBaseExtension::myOwner

◆ mySubElements

std::vector<std::string> App::LinkBaseExtension::mySubElements

◆ mySubName

std::string App::LinkBaseExtension::mySubName

Referenced by parseSubName().

◆ plainGroupConns

std::unordered_map<const App::DocumentObject*, boost::signals2::scoped_connection> App::LinkBaseExtension::plainGroupConns

Referenced by updateGroup().

◆ props

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