Robot::Simulation Class Reference

Algo class for projecting shapes and creating SVG output of it. More...

#include <Simulation.h>

Public Member Functions

double getDuration (void)
double getLength (void)
Base::Placement getPosition (void)
double getVelocity (void)
void reset (void)
void setToTime (float t)
void setToWaypoint (unsigned int n)
 Simulation (const Trajectory &Trac, Robot6Axis &Rob)
 Constructor. More...
void step (double tick)
virtual ~Simulation ()

Public Attributes

double Axis [6]
double Pos
double startAxis [6]
Base::Placement Tool
Trajectory Trac

Detailed Description

Algo class for projecting shapes and creating SVG output of it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Simulation()

Simulation::Simulation ( const Trajectory Trac,
Robot::Robot6Axis Rob 

◆ ~Simulation()

Simulation::~Simulation ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDuration()

double Robot::Simulation::getDuration ( void  )

◆ getLength()

double Robot::Simulation::getLength ( void  )

◆ getPosition()

Base::Placement Robot::Simulation::getPosition ( void  )

◆ getVelocity()

double Robot::Simulation::getVelocity ( void  )

◆ reset()

◆ setToTime()

◆ setToWaypoint()

void Simulation::setToWaypoint ( unsigned int  n)

◆ step()

Member Data Documentation

◆ Axis

double Robot::Simulation::Axis[6]

◆ Pos

double Robot::Simulation::Pos

Referenced by setToTime(), and step().

◆ Rob

◆ startAxis

double Robot::Simulation::startAxis[6]

Referenced by reset(), and Simulation().

◆ Tool

◆ Trac

Trajectory Robot::Simulation::Trac

Referenced by reset(), setToTime(), and Simulation().

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