draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraftPart Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def getIcon (self)
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def claimChildren (self)
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def attach (self, vobj)
def execute (self, vobj)
def getDefaultDisplayMode (self)
def getDisplayModes (self, vobj)
def onChanged (self, vobj, prop)
def setDisplayMode (self, mode)
def setEdit (self, vobj, mode=0)
def unsetEdit (self, vobj, mode=0)
def updateData (self, obj, prop)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

A view provider that displays a Part icon instead of a Draft icon.

The `getIcon` method is overridden to provide `Part_3D_object.svg`.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getIcon()

def draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraftPart.getIcon (   self)
Return the path to the icon used by the view provider.

The path can be a full path in the system, or a relative path
inside the compiled resource file.
It can also be a string that defines the icon in XPM format.

Override this method to provide a specific icon
for the object in the tree view.

By default it returns the path to the `Draft_Draft.svg` icon.


Reimplemented from draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraft.

Referenced by ArchAxis.AxisSystemTaskPanel.update(), ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.update(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.update().

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