draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraftAlt Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def claimChildren (self)
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def attach (self, vobj)
def claimChildren (self)
def execute (self, vobj)
def getDefaultDisplayMode (self)
def getDisplayModes (self, vobj)
def getIcon (self)
def onChanged (self, vobj, prop)
def setDisplayMode (self, mode)
def setEdit (self, vobj, mode=0)
def unsetEdit (self, vobj, mode=0)
def updateData (self, obj, prop)

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Detailed Description

A view provider that doesn't absorb its base object in the tree view.

The `claimChildren` method is overridden to return an empty list.

Member Function Documentation

◆ claimChildren()

def draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraftAlt.claimChildren (   self)
Return objects that will be placed under it in the tree view.

Override this method to return a list with objects
that will appear under this object in the tree view.
That is, this object becomes the `parent`,
and all those under it are the `children`.

By default the returned list is composed of objects from
`Object.Base`, `Object.Objects`, `Object.Components`,
and `Object.Group`, if they exist.

    List of objects.

Reimplemented from draftviewproviders.view_base.ViewProviderDraft.

Referenced by femviewprovider.view_mesh_gmsh.VPMeshGmsh.onDelete(), femviewprovider.view_result_mechanical.VPResultMechanical.onDelete(), BOPTools.JoinFeatures.ViewProviderConnect.onDelete(), BOPTools.SplitFeatures.ViewProviderBooleanFragments.onDelete(), BOPTools.SplitFeatures.ViewProviderSlice.onDelete(), and BOPTools.SplitFeatures.ViewProviderXOR.onDelete().

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