geoff_geometry::Span Class Reference

#include <geometry.h>

Public Member Functions

Span BlendTwoSpans (Span &sp2, double radius, double maxt)
Vector2d GetVector (double fraction) const
int Intof (const Span &sp, Point &pInt1, Point &pInt2, double t[4]) const
bool isJoinable (const Span &sp) const
bool JoinSeparateSpans (Span &sp)
Point Mid () const
Point MidParam (double param) const
Point MidPerim (double d) const
void minmax (Box &box, bool start=true)
void minmax (Point &pmin, Point &pmax, bool start=true)
Point Near (const Point &p) const
Point NearOn (const Point &p) const
Span Offset (double offset)
bool OnSpan (const Point &p) const
bool OnSpan (const Point &p, double *t) const
void SetProperties (bool returnProperties)
 Span ()
 Span (int spandir, const Point &pn, const Point &pf, const Point &c)
int Split (double tolerance)
void SplitMatrix (int num_vectors, Matrix *matrix)
void Transform (const Matrix &m, bool setprops=true)

Public Attributes

double angle
Box box
int dir
int ID
double length
bool NullSpan
bool ok
Point p0
Point p1
Point pc
double radius
bool returnSpanProperties
Vector2d ve
Vector2d vs


wostream & operator<< (wostream &op, Span &span)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Span() [1/2]

geoff_geometry::Span::Span ( )

References dir, ID, NullSpan, ok, radius, and returnSpanProperties.

◆ Span() [2/2]

geoff_geometry::Span::Span ( int  spandir,
const Point pn,
const Point pf,
const Point c 

Member Function Documentation

◆ BlendTwoSpans()

Span geoff_geometry::Span::BlendTwoSpans ( Span sp2,
double  radius,
double  maxt 

◆ GetVector()

Vector2d Span::GetVector ( double  fraction) const

returns the direction vector at point which is 0-1 along span

References dir, MidParam(), p0, p1, and pc.

◆ Intof()

int Span::Intof ( const Span sp,
Point pInt1,
Point pInt2,
double  t[4] 
) const

◆ isJoinable()

bool geoff_geometry::Span::isJoinable ( const Span sp) const

◆ JoinSeparateSpans()

◆ Mid()

Point Span::Mid ( ) const

References geoff_geometry::Mid().

◆ MidParam()

Point Span::MidParam ( double  param) const

returns a point which is 0-1 along span

References MidPerim(), p0, p1, and draftguitools.gui_annotationstyleeditor::param.

Referenced by GetVector().

◆ MidPerim()

Point Span::MidPerim ( double  d) const

returns a point which is 0-d along span

References dir, p0, pc, and vs.

Referenced by MidParam(), and geoff_geometry::Kurve::Part().

◆ minmax() [1/2]

void Span::minmax ( Box box,
bool  start = true 

◆ minmax() [2/2]

void Span::minmax ( Point pmin,
Point pmax,
bool  start = true 

◆ Near()

Point Span::Near ( const Point p) const

◆ NearOn()

Point Span::NearOn ( const Point p) const

◆ Offset()

◆ OnSpan() [1/2]

bool Span::OnSpan ( const Point p) const

◆ OnSpan() [2/2]

◆ SetProperties()

◆ Split()

int Span::Split ( double  tolerance)

◆ SplitMatrix()

◆ Transform()

void Span::Transform ( const Matrix m,
bool  setprops = true 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

wostream & operator<< ( wostream &  op,
Span span 

Member Data Documentation

◆ angle

◆ box

Box geoff_geometry::Span::box

◆ dir

◆ ID

◆ length

◆ NullSpan

◆ ok

bool geoff_geometry::Span::ok

Referenced by Span().

◆ p0

◆ p1

◆ pc

◆ radius

double geoff_geometry::Span::radius

Referenced by geoff_geometry::ArcArcIntof(), geoff_geometry::Kurve::Area(), PathScripts.PathPocketBase.ObjectPocket::areaOpAreaParams(), PathScripts.PathProfile.ObjectProfile::areaOpAreaParams(), PathScripts.PathPocketBase.ObjectPocket::areaOpPathParams(), PathScripts.PathAreaOp.ObjectOp::areaOpSetDefaultValues(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::changeRadiusValue(), geoff_geometry::Circle::Circle(), PathScripts.PathDressupHoldingTags.Tag::createSolidsAt(), PathScripts.PathSurface.ObjectSurface::deleteOpVariables(), PathScripts.PathWaterline.ObjectWaterline::deleteOpVariables(), geoff_geometry::Dist(), PathScripts.PathOp.ObjectOp::execute(), PathScripts.PathDressupAxisMap.TaskPanel::getFields(), ifc4.ifcsweptdisksolid::innerradiussize(), minmax(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::off(), OnSpan(), geoff_geometry::OnSpan(), geoff_geometry::Kurve::Perim(), PathScripts.PathSurfaceSupport.ProcessSelectedFaces::preProcessModel(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::reset_ui_values(), SetProperties(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::showradius(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::snapToCrossExtensions(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::snapToExtensions(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::snapToGrid(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::snapToHold(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper::snapToPolar(), Span(), geoff_geometry::Kurve::Split(), Split(), PathScripts.PathDressupAxisMap.TaskPanel::updateUI(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::validatePoint(), automotive_design.right_circular_cone::wr1(), automotive_design.conical_surface::wr1(), config_control_design.conical_surface::wr1(), automotive_design.swept_disk_solid::wr2(), and ifc2x3.ifcsweptdisksolid::wr2().

◆ returnSpanProperties

bool geoff_geometry::Span::returnSpanProperties

◆ ve

◆ vs

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