geoff_geometry::Line Class Reference

#include <geometry.h>

Public Member Functions

bool atZ (double z, Point3d &p) const
int Intof (const Line &l, Point3d &intof) const
 Line ()
 Line (const Point3d &p0, const Point3d &p1)
 Line (const Point3d &p0, const Vector3d &v0, bool boxed=true)
 Line (const Span &sp)
void minmax ()
Point3d Near (const Point3d &p, double &t) const
bool Shortest (const Line &l2, Line &lshort, double &t1, double &t2) const

Public Attributes

Box3d box
double length
bool ok
Point3d p0
Vector3d v

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Line() [1/4]

geoff_geometry::Line::Line ( )

References ok.

Referenced by Shortest().

◆ Line() [2/4]

Line::Line ( const Point3d p0,
const Vector3d v0,
bool  boxed = true 

◆ Line() [3/4]

Line::Line ( const Point3d p0,
const Point3d p1 

◆ Line() [4/4]

Member Function Documentation

◆ atZ()

bool Line::atZ ( double  z,
Point3d p 
) const

◆ Intof()

int geoff_geometry::Line::Intof ( const Line l,
Point3d intof 
) const

◆ minmax()

void Line::minmax ( )

References geoff_geometry::MinMax(), and p0.

Referenced by Line().

◆ Near()

Point3d Line::Near ( const Point3d p,
double &  t 
) const

References length, p0, and v.

Referenced by geoff_geometry::IsPtsLine().

◆ Shortest()

bool Line::Shortest ( const Line l2,
Line lshort,
double &  t1,
double &  t2 
) const

References length, Line(), ok, p0, and v.

Referenced by geoff_geometry::tangential_arc().

Member Data Documentation

◆ box

Box3d geoff_geometry::Line::box

Referenced by geoff_geometry::Intof().

◆ length

◆ ok

bool geoff_geometry::Line::ok

◆ p0

◆ v

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