geoff_geometry::Point3d Class Reference

#include <geometry.h>

Public Member Functions

double Dist (const Point3d &p) const
double DistSq (const Point3d &p) const
void get (double xyz[3])
double * getBuffer ()
const double * getBuffer () const
Point3d Mid (const Point3d &p, double factor=0.5) const
bool operator!= (const Point3d &p) const
Point3d operator+ (const Vector3d &v) const
bool operator== (const Point3d &p) const
 Point3d ()
 Point3d (const double *xyz)
 Point3d (const Point &p)
 Point3d (const Point &p, double zord)
 Point3d (const Vector3d &v)
 Point3d (double xord, double yord, double zord=0)
Point3d Transform (const Matrix &m)

Public Attributes

double x
double y
double z


wostream & operator<< (wostream &op, Point3d &p)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Point3d() [1/6]

geoff_geometry::Point3d::Point3d ( )

Referenced by operator+().

◆ Point3d() [2/6]

geoff_geometry::Point3d::Point3d ( const double *  xyz)

◆ Point3d() [3/6]

geoff_geometry::Point3d::Point3d ( double  xord,
double  yord,
double  zord = 0 

◆ Point3d() [4/6]

geoff_geometry::Point3d::Point3d ( const Point p)

◆ Point3d() [5/6]

geoff_geometry::Point3d::Point3d ( const Point p,
double  zord 

◆ Point3d() [6/6]

Point3d::Point3d ( const Vector3d v)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dist()

double Point3d::Dist ( const Point3d p) const

◆ DistSq()

double Point3d::DistSq ( const Point3d p) const

◆ get()

void geoff_geometry::Point3d::get ( double  xyz[3])

References x, y, and z.

Referenced by draftguitools.gui_trackers.editTracker::move().

◆ getBuffer() [1/2]

double * geoff_geometry::Point3d::getBuffer ( )

References x.

◆ getBuffer() [2/2]

const double * geoff_geometry::Point3d::getBuffer ( ) const

References x.

◆ Mid()

Point3d Point3d::Mid ( const Point3d p,
double  factor = 0.5 
) const

◆ operator!=()

bool geoff_geometry::Point3d::operator!= ( const Point3d p) const

◆ operator+()

Point3d Point3d::operator+ ( const Vector3d v) const

References Point3d().

◆ operator==()

bool Point3d::operator== ( const Point3d p) const

◆ Transform()

Point3d Point3d::Transform ( const Matrix m)

References Transform(), and x.

Referenced by Transform().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

wostream & operator<< ( wostream &  op,
Point3d p 

Member Data Documentation

◆ x

◆ y

◆ z

double geoff_geometry::Point3d::z

Referenced by Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::add(), geoff_geometry::Line::atZ(), automotive_design.revolved_area_solid::axis_line(), automotive_design.surface_of_revolution::axis_line(), automotive_design.revolved_face_solid::axis_line(), ifc4.ifcrevolvedareasolid::axisdirectioninxy(), ifc2x3.ifcsurfaceofrevolution::axisline(), ifc2x3.ifcrevolvedareasolid::axisline(), ifc4.ifcsurfaceofrevolution::axisline(), ifc4.ifcrevolvedareasolid::axisline(), PathScripts.PathDressupHoldingTags.Tag::bottom(), geoff_geometry::Box3d::Box3d(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::changeZValue(), PathScripts.PathDressupTag.TagSolid::cloneAt(), geoff_geometry::Box3d::combine(), PathScripts.PathDressupHoldingTags.Tag::createSolidsAt(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::cross(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::dot(), get(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::length(), geoff_geometry::MinMax(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::mult(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::norm(), geoff_geometry::Box3d::outside(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::pointUi(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::reset_ui_values(), importSH3D.SH3DHandler::startElement(), Mod.PartDesign.Scripts.FilletArc.Vector::sub(), PathScripts.PathDressupHoldingTags.Tag::top(), geoff_geometry::Triangle3d::Triangle3d(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::update_cartesian_coords(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::update_spherical_coords(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::updateSnapper(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar::validatePoint(), geoff_geometry::Vector3d::Vector3d(), and ifc2x3.ifcrevolvedareasolid::wr32().

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