TechDrawGui::DrawGuiUtil Class Reference

Convenient utility functions for TechDraw Gui Module. More...

#include <DrawGuiUtil.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void dumpPointF (const char *text, const QPointF &p)
static void dumpRectF (const char *text, const QRectF &r)
static TechDraw::DrawPagefindPage (Gui::Command *cmd)
static std::pair< Base::Vector3d, Base::Vector3dget3DDirAndRot ()
static std::pair< Base::Vector3d, Base::Vector3dgetProjDirFromFace (App::DocumentObject *obj, std::string faceName)
static bool isArchObject (App::DocumentObject *obj)
static bool isArchSection (App::DocumentObject *obj)
static bool isDraftObject (App::DocumentObject *obj)
static void loadArrowBox (QComboBox *qcb)
static bool needPage (Gui::Command *cmd)
static bool needView (Gui::Command *cmd, bool partOnly=true)

Detailed Description

Convenient utility functions for TechDraw Gui Module.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dumpPointF()

void DrawGuiUtil::dumpPointF ( const char *  text,
const QPointF &  p 

◆ dumpRectF()

void DrawGuiUtil::dumpRectF ( const char *  text,
const QRectF &  r 

◆ findPage()

◆ get3DDirAndRot()

◆ getProjDirFromFace()

◆ isArchObject()

bool DrawGuiUtil::isArchObject ( App::DocumentObject obj)

◆ isArchSection()

bool DrawGuiUtil::isArchSection ( App::DocumentObject obj)

◆ isDraftObject()

bool DrawGuiUtil::isDraftObject ( App::DocumentObject obj)

◆ loadArrowBox()

◆ needPage()

◆ needView()

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