TechDrawGui::QGSPage Class Reference

#include <QGSPage.h>

Public Member Functions

void addBalloonToParent (QGIViewBalloon *balloon, QGIView *parent)
void addDimToParent (QGIViewDimension *dim, QGIView *parent)
QGIViewaddDrawView (TechDraw::DrawView *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewAnnotation (TechDraw::DrawViewAnnotation *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewClip (TechDraw::DrawViewClip *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewCollection (TechDraw::DrawViewCollection *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewImage (TechDraw::DrawViewImage *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewSpreadsheet (TechDraw::DrawViewSpreadsheet *view)
QGIViewaddDrawViewSymbol (TechDraw::DrawViewSymbol *view)
void addLeaderToParent (QGILeaderLine *lead, QGIView *parent)
QGIViewaddProjectionGroup (TechDraw::DrawProjGroup *view)
int addQView (QGIView *view)
QGIViewaddRichAnno (TechDraw::DrawRichAnno *anno)
QGIViewaddViewBalloon (TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon *balloon)
QGIViewaddViewDimension (TechDraw::DrawViewDimension *dim)
QGIViewaddViewLeader (TechDraw::DrawLeaderLine *view)
QGIViewaddViewPart (TechDraw::DrawViewPart *part)
QGIViewaddViewSection (TechDraw::DrawViewPart *part)
QGIViewaddWeldSymbol (TechDraw::DrawWeldSymbol *weld)
void createBalloon (QPointF origin, TechDraw::DrawViewPart *parent)
QGIViewfindParent (QGIView *) const
QGIViewfindQViewForDocObj (App::DocumentObject *obj) const
 find the graphic for a DocumentObject More...
TechDraw::DrawPagegetDrawPage ()
QGIViewgetQGIVByName (std::string name)
 find the graphic for DocumentObject with name More...
QGITemplategetTemplate () const
std::vector< QGIView * > getViews () const
 retrieve the QGIView objects currently in the scene More...
void postProcessXml (QTemporaryFile &tempFile, QString filename, QString pagename)
 QGSPage (ViewProviderPage *vp, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
virtual void refreshViews (void)
int removeQView (QGIView *view)
int removeQViewByName (const char *name)
void removeQViewFromScene (QGIView *view)
void removeTemplate ()
void saveSvg (QString filename)
 Renders the page to SVG with filename. More...
void setExporting (bool enable)
void setPageTemplate (TechDraw::DrawTemplate *pageTemplate)
virtual ~QGSPage ()

Protected Member Functions

QColor getBackgroundColor ()

Protected Attributes


Static Protected Attributes

static QColor PreselectColor
static QColor SelectColor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QGSPage()

◆ ~QGSPage()

QGSPage::~QGSPage ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addBalloonToParent()

void QGSPage::addBalloonToParent ( QGIViewBalloon balloon,
QGIView parent 

◆ addDimToParent()

void QGSPage::addDimToParent ( QGIViewDimension dim,
QGIView parent 

◆ addDrawView()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawView ( TechDraw::DrawView view)

◆ addDrawViewAnnotation()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewAnnotation ( TechDraw::DrawViewAnnotation view)

◆ addDrawViewClip()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewClip ( TechDraw::DrawViewClip view)

◆ addDrawViewCollection()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewCollection ( TechDraw::DrawViewCollection view)

References addQView().

◆ addDrawViewImage()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewImage ( TechDraw::DrawViewImage view)

◆ addDrawViewSpreadsheet()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewSpreadsheet ( TechDraw::DrawViewSpreadsheet view)

◆ addDrawViewSymbol()

QGIView * QGSPage::addDrawViewSymbol ( TechDraw::DrawViewSymbol view)

◆ addLeaderToParent()

void QGSPage::addLeaderToParent ( QGILeaderLine lead,
QGIView parent 

◆ addProjectionGroup()

QGIView * QGSPage::addProjectionGroup ( TechDraw::DrawProjGroup view)

◆ addQView()

◆ addRichAnno()

◆ addViewBalloon()

QGIView * QGSPage::addViewBalloon ( TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon balloon)

◆ addViewDimension()

QGIView * QGSPage::addViewDimension ( TechDraw::DrawViewDimension dim)

◆ addViewLeader()

◆ addViewPart()

QGIView * QGSPage::addViewPart ( TechDraw::DrawViewPart part)

◆ addViewSection()

QGIView * QGSPage::addViewSection ( TechDraw::DrawViewPart part)

◆ addWeldSymbol()

◆ createBalloon()

◆ findParent()

◆ findQViewForDocObj()

◆ getBackgroundColor()

◆ getDrawPage()

◆ getQGIVByName()

QGIView * QGSPage::getQGIVByName ( std::string  name)

find the graphic for DocumentObject with name

References TechDrawGui::QGIView::getViewName().

Referenced by addQView(), and createBalloon().

◆ getTemplate()

◆ getViews()

◆ postProcessXml()

◆ refreshViews()

void QGSPage::refreshViews ( void  )

◆ removeQView()

int QGSPage::removeQView ( QGIView view)

◆ removeQViewByName()

int QGSPage::removeQViewByName ( const char *  name)

◆ removeQViewFromScene()

void QGSPage::removeQViewFromScene ( QGIView view)

◆ removeTemplate()

void QGSPage::removeTemplate ( )

References pageTemplate.

Referenced by setPageTemplate().

◆ saveSvg()

◆ setExporting()

void QGSPage::setExporting ( bool  enable)

◆ setPageTemplate()

Member Data Documentation

◆ pageTemplate

QGITemplate* TechDrawGui::QGSPage::pageTemplate

◆ PreselectColor

QColor TechDrawGui::QGSPage::PreselectColor

◆ SelectColor

QColor TechDrawGui::QGSPage::SelectColor

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