TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart Class Reference

#include <QGIViewPart.h>

Public Types

enum  { Type = QGraphicsItem::UserType + 102 }
- Public Types inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
enum  { Type = QGraphicsItem::UserType + 101 }

Public Member Functions

virtual QRectF boundingRect () const override
virtual void draw () override
virtual void drawAllSectionLines (void)
virtual void drawCenterLines (bool b)
virtual void drawHighlight (TechDraw::DrawViewDetail *viewDetail, bool b)
virtual void drawMatting (void)
virtual void drawSectionLine (TechDraw::DrawViewSection *s, bool b)
bool getExporting (void)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget=nullptr) override
 QGIViewPart ()
virtual void rotateView (void) override
void setExporting (bool b)
void setViewPartFeature (TechDraw::DrawViewPart *obj)
void tidy ()
void toggleCache (bool state) override
void toggleCosmeticLines (bool state)
int type () const override
virtual void updateView (bool update=false) override
 ~QGIViewPart ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
virtual void addArbitraryItem (QGraphicsItem *qgi)
void alignTo (QGraphicsItem *, const QString &alignment)
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const override
virtual void draw (void)
virtual void drawBorder (void)
virtual void drawCaption (void)
QGIViewClipgetClipGroup (void)
virtual QColor getCurrentColor (void)
virtual bool getFrameState (void)
MDIViewPagegetMDIViewPage (void) const
virtual QColor getNormalColor (void)
virtual QColor getPreColor (void)
double getScale (void)
virtual QColor getSelectColor (void)
virtual QColor getSettingColor (void)
const char * getViewName () const
const std::string getViewNameAsString () const
TechDraw::DrawViewgetViewObject () const
virtual void isVisible (bool state)
virtual bool isVisible (void)
void makeMark (Base::Vector3d v, QColor c=Qt::red)
void makeMark (double x, double y, QColor c=Qt::red)
void makeMark (QPointF p, QColor c=Qt::red)
void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
void mouseReleaseEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget=nullptr) override
 QGIView ()
virtual void removeChild (QGIView *child)
virtual void rotateView (void)
virtual void setGroupSelection (bool b)
void setLocked (bool b)
virtual void setSettingColor (QColor c)
void setViewFeature (TechDraw::DrawView *obj)
virtual void toggleCache (bool state)
int type () const override
virtual void updateView (bool update=false)
virtual ~QGIView ()
void setPosition (qreal x, qreal y)
 Methods to ensure that Y-Coordinates are orientated correctly. More...
qreal getY ()
bool isInnerView ()
void isInnerView (bool state)
double getYInClip (double y)

Static Public Member Functions

static QPainterPath geomToPainterPath (TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr baseGeom, double rotation=0.0)
static void pathArc (QPainterPath &path, double rx, double ry, double x_axis_rotation, bool large_arc_flag, bool sweep_flag, double x, double y, double curx, double cury)
 Draws an arc using QPainterPath path. More...
static void pathArcSegment (QPainterPath &path, double xc, double yc, double th0, double th1, double rx, double ry, double xAxisRotation)
 Helper for pathArc() More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
static int calculateFontPixelSize (double sizeInMillimetres)
static int calculateFontPixelWidth (const QFont &font)
static double getDimFontSize (void)
static QGSPagegetGraphicsScene (TechDraw::DrawView *dv)
static QGVPagegetGraphicsView (TechDraw::DrawView *dv)
static QString getPrefFont (void)
static double getPrefFontSize (void)
static Gui::ViewProvidergetViewProvider (App::DocumentObject *obj)

Public Attributes

bool showSection
- Public Attributes inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
boost::signals2::signal< void(QGIView *, QPointF)> signalSelectPoint

Protected Member Functions

QGIFacedrawFace (TechDraw::FacePtr f, int idx)
QPainterPath drawPainterPath (TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr baseGeom) const
void drawViewPart ()
void dumpPath (const char *text, QPainterPath path)
TechDraw::DrawGeomHatchfaceIsGeomHatched (int i, std::vector< TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch * > geomObjs) const
TechDraw::DrawHatchfaceIsHatched (int i, std::vector< TechDraw::DrawHatch * > hatchObjs) const
bool formatGeomFromCenterLine (std::string cTag, QGIEdge *item)
bool formatGeomFromCosmetic (std::string cTag, QGIEdge *item)
virtual QVariant itemChange (GraphicsItemChange change, const QVariant &value) override
bool prefFaceEdges (void)
bool prefPrintCenters (void)
void removeDecorations (void)
 Remove all existing QGIDecoration items(SectionLine,SectionMark,...) More...
void removePrimitives (void)
 Remove all existing QGIPrimPath items(Vertex,Edge,Face) More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
virtual QRectF customChildrenBoundingRect (void) const
void dumpRect (const char *text, QRectF r)
Base::Reference< ParameterGrpgetParmGroupCol (void)
QGIViewgetQGIVByName (std::string name)
void hoverEnterEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *event) override
void hoverLeaveEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *event) override
QVariant itemChange (GraphicsItemChange change, const QVariant &value) override

Protected Attributes

bool m_isExporting
- Protected Attributes inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
QHash< QString, QGraphicsItem * > alignHash
QBrush m_brush
QColor m_colCurrent
QColor m_colNormal
QColor m_colPre
QColor m_colSel
QColor m_colSetting
QPen m_decorPen
int m_dragState
QFont m_font
bool m_innerView
bool m_locked
double m_lockHeight
double m_lockWidth
QPen m_pen
std::string viewName

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
virtual void onSourceChange (TechDraw::DrawView *newParent)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TechDrawGui::QGIView
static const double DefaultFontSizeInMM = 5.0

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QGIViewPart()

QGIViewPart::QGIViewPart ( )

References showSection.

◆ ~QGIViewPart()

QGIViewPart::~QGIViewPart ( )

References tidy().

Member Function Documentation

◆ boundingRect()

QRectF QGIViewPart::boundingRect ( ) const

◆ draw()

void QGIViewPart::draw ( void  )

◆ drawAllSectionLines()

void QGIViewPart::drawAllSectionLines ( void  )

◆ drawCenterLines()

◆ drawFace()

QGIFace * QGIViewPart::drawFace ( TechDraw::FacePtr  f,
int  idx 

◆ drawHighlight()

◆ drawMatting()

◆ drawPainterPath()

QPainterPath QGIViewPart::drawPainterPath ( TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr  baseGeom) const

◆ drawSectionLine()

◆ drawViewPart()

void QGIViewPart::drawViewPart ( )

References TechDrawGui::QGIFace::addLineSet(), App::Color::asValue(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::BitmapFill, TechDrawGui::QGIFace::clearLineSets(), TechDraw::CosmeticVertex::color, TechDrawGui::ViewProviderGeomHatch::ColorPattern, Base::Console(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::draw(), drawFace(), drawHighlight(), drawPainterPath(), TechDraw::ecHARD, TechDraw::ecOUTLINE, TechDraw::ecSEAM, TechDraw::ecSMOOTH, TechDraw::ecUVISO, ZVALUE::EDGE, ZVALUE::FACE, faceIsGeomHatched(), faceIsHatched(), formatGeomFromCenterLine(), formatGeomFromCosmetic(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::GeomHatchFill, App::GetApplication(), getExporting(), ParameterGrp::GetFloat(), TechDrawGui::QGIView::getFrameState(), ParameterGrp::GetGroup(), App::PropertyLinkSub::getSubValues(), TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch::getTrimmedLines(), App::Application::GetUserParameter(), App::PropertyFileIncluded::getValue(), App::PropertyFloat::getValue(), App::PropertyColor::getValue(), App::PropertyQuantity::getValue(), TechDrawGui::QGIView::getViewObject(), TechDrawGui::QGIView::getViewProvider(), TechDrawGui::Rez::guiX(), TechDrawGui::ViewProviderHatch::HatchColor, TechDrawGui::ViewProviderHatch::HatchScale, ZVALUE::HIDEDGE, TechDrawGui::QGIFace::hideSvg(), App::PropertyFileIncluded::isEmpty(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::isHatched(), TechDraw::DrawHatch::isSvgHatch(), TechDrawGui::ViewProviderViewPart::LineWidth, TechDraw::LineFormat::m_color, TechDraw::GeomFormat::m_format, TechDraw::LineFormat::m_style, TechDraw::LineFormat::m_visible, TechDraw::LineFormat::m_weight, Base::ConsoleSingleton::Message(), TechDrawGui::PreferencesGui::normalQColor(), TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch::PatIncluded, TechDrawGui::QGIFace::PlainFill, prefFaceEdges(), prefPrintCenters(), removeDecorations(), removePrimitives(), TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch::ScalePattern, TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setDrawEdges(), TechDrawGui::QGIPrimPath::setFillColor(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setFillMode(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setHatchColor(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setHatchFile(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setHatchScale(), TechDrawGui::QGIEdge::setHiddenEdge(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setLineWeight(), TechDrawGui::QGIPrimPath::setNormalColor(), TechDrawGui::QGIPrimPath::setPrettyNormal(), TechDrawGui::QGICMark::setPrettyNormal(), TechDrawGui::QGIEdge::setPrettyNormal(), TechDrawGui::QGIFace::setPrettyNormal(), TechDrawGui::QGIVertex::setRadius(), TechDrawGui::QGICMark::setSize(), TechDrawGui::QGIPrimPath::setStyle(), TechDrawGui::QGICMark::setThick(), TechDrawGui::QGIPrimPath::setWidth(), TechDraw::CosmeticVertex::size, TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch::Source, TechDrawGui::QGIFace::SvgFill, TechDraw::DrawHatch::SvgIncluded, ZVALUE::VERTEX, TechDrawGui::PreferencesGui::vertexQColor(), and TechDrawGui::ViewProviderGeomHatch::WeightPattern.

Referenced by draw().

◆ dumpPath()

void QGIViewPart::dumpPath ( const char *  text,
QPainterPath  path 

◆ faceIsGeomHatched()

TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch * QGIViewPart::faceIsGeomHatched ( int  i,
std::vector< TechDraw::DrawGeomHatch * >  geomObjs 
) const

◆ faceIsHatched()

TechDraw::DrawHatch * QGIViewPart::faceIsHatched ( int  i,
std::vector< TechDraw::DrawHatch * >  hatchObjs 
) const

◆ formatGeomFromCenterLine()

◆ formatGeomFromCosmetic()

◆ geomToPainterPath()

◆ getExporting()

bool TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart::getExporting ( void  )

◆ itemChange()

QVariant QGIViewPart::itemChange ( GraphicsItemChange  change,
const QVariant &  value 

◆ paint()

void QGIViewPart::paint ( QPainter *  painter,
const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *  option,
QWidget widget = nullptr 

Reimplemented from TechDrawGui::QGIView.

References TechDrawGui::QGIView::paint().

◆ pathArc()

void QGIViewPart::pathArc ( QPainterPath &  path,
double  rx,
double  ry,
double  x_axis_rotation,
bool  large_arc_flag,
bool  sweep_flag,
double  x,
double  y,
double  curx,
double  cury 

Draws an arc using QPainterPath path.

x_axis_rotation is in radian

References pathArcSegment().

Referenced by geomToPainterPath().

◆ pathArcSegment()

void QGIViewPart::pathArcSegment ( QPainterPath &  path,
double  xc,
double  yc,
double  th0,
double  th1,
double  rx,
double  ry,
double  xAxisRotation 

Helper for pathArc()

x_axis_rotation is in radian

Referenced by pathArc().

◆ prefFaceEdges()

bool QGIViewPart::prefFaceEdges ( void  )

◆ prefPrintCenters()

bool QGIViewPart::prefPrintCenters ( void  )

◆ removeDecorations()

void QGIViewPart::removeDecorations ( void  )

Remove all existing QGIDecoration items(SectionLine,SectionMark,...)

Referenced by drawViewPart().

◆ removePrimitives()

void QGIViewPart::removePrimitives ( void  )

Remove all existing QGIPrimPath items(Vertex,Edge,Face)

References TechDrawGui::MDIViewPage::blockSceneSelection(), and TechDrawGui::QGIView::getMDIViewPage().

Referenced by drawViewPart().

◆ rotateView()

void QGIViewPart::rotateView ( void  )

Reimplemented from TechDrawGui::QGIView.

◆ setExporting()

void TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart::setExporting ( bool  b)

◆ setViewPartFeature()

void QGIViewPart::setViewPartFeature ( TechDraw::DrawViewPart obj)

◆ tidy()

void QGIViewPart::tidy ( )

Referenced by itemChange(), and ~QGIViewPart().

◆ toggleCache()

void QGIViewPart::toggleCache ( bool  state)

Reimplemented from TechDrawGui::QGIView.

◆ toggleCosmeticLines()

void QGIViewPart::toggleCosmeticLines ( bool  state)

◆ type()

int TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart::type ( void  ) const

◆ updateView()

void QGIViewPart::updateView ( bool  update = false)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_isExporting

bool TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart::m_isExporting

◆ showSection

bool TechDrawGui::QGIViewPart::showSection

Referenced by QGIViewPart().

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