WireJoiner Struct Reference


struct  BoxGetter
struct  EdgeInfo
struct  PntGetter
struct  VertexInfo

Public Types

typedef bg::model::box< gp_Pnt > Box
typedef std::list< EdgeInfoEdges

Public Member Functions

void add (const TopoDS_Edge &e, bool bbox=false)
void add (const TopoDS_Shape &shape, bool bbox=false)
void add (Edges::iterator it)
int findClosedWires (double tol=Precision::Confusion())
void join (double tol)
void remove (Edges::iterator it)
void splitEdges ()
 WireJoiner ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getBBox (const TopoDS_Edge &e, Box &box)
static TopoDS_Wire makeCleanWire (Handle(ShapeExtend_WireData) wireData, double tol)
 make a clean wire with sorted, oriented, connected, etc edges More...

Public Attributes

bgi::rtree< Edges::iterator, RParameters, BoxGetterboxMap
BRep_Builder builder
TopoDS_Compound comp
Edges edges
bgi::rtree< VertexInfo, RParameters, PntGettervmap

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Box

typedef bg::model::box<gp_Pnt> WireJoiner::Box

◆ Edges

typedef std::list<EdgeInfo> WireJoiner::Edges

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WireJoiner()

WireJoiner::WireJoiner ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add() [1/3]

void WireJoiner::add ( const TopoDS_Edge &  e,
bool  bbox = false 

◆ add() [2/3]

void WireJoiner::add ( const TopoDS_Shape &  shape,
bool  bbox = false 

◆ add() [3/3]

void WireJoiner::add ( Edges::iterator  it)

Referenced by Path::Area::build().

◆ findClosedWires()

◆ getBBox()

static bool WireJoiner::getBBox ( const TopoDS_Edge &  e,
Box box 

◆ join()

void WireJoiner::join ( double  tol)

◆ makeCleanWire()

static TopoDS_Wire WireJoiner::makeCleanWire ( Handle(ShapeExtend_WireData)  wireData,
double  tol 

make a clean wire with sorted, oriented, connected, etc edges

◆ remove()

void WireJoiner::remove ( Edges::iterator  it)

◆ splitEdges()

void WireJoiner::splitEdges ( )

Referenced by Path::Area::project().

Member Data Documentation

◆ boxMap

bgi::rtree<Edges::iterator, RParameters, BoxGetter> WireJoiner::boxMap

◆ builder

BRep_Builder WireJoiner::builder

◆ comp

TopoDS_Compound WireJoiner::comp

◆ edges

◆ vmap

bgi::rtree<VertexInfo, RParameters, PntGetter> WireJoiner::vmap

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