SMESH_HypoFilter::IsMoreLocalThanPredicate Struct Reference

#include <SMESH_HypoFilter.hxx>

Public Member Functions

void findPreferable ()
 Finds shapes preferable over _shape due to sub-mesh order. More...
 IsMoreLocalThanPredicate (const TopoDS_Shape &shape, const SMESH_Mesh &mesh)
bool IsOk (const SMESH_Hypothesis *aHyp, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH_HypoPredicate
virtual ~SMESH_HypoPredicate ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IsMoreLocalThanPredicate()

SMESH_HypoFilter::IsMoreLocalThanPredicate::IsMoreLocalThanPredicate ( const TopoDS_Shape &  shape,
const SMESH_Mesh mesh 

Member Function Documentation

◆ findPreferable()

void SMESH_HypoFilter::IsMoreLocalThanPredicate::findPreferable ( )

Finds shapes preferable over _shape due to sub-mesh order.

References DraftVecUtils::find().

◆ IsOk()

bool SMESH_HypoFilter::IsMoreLocalThanPredicate::IsOk ( const SMESH_Hypothesis aHyp,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape 
) const

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