SMESH_Gen Class Reference

#include <SMESH_Gen.hxx>


struct  TAlgoStateError

Public Member Functions

void CancelCompute (::SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape)
bool CheckAlgoState (SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape)
bool Compute (::SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, const bool aShapeOnly=false, const bool anUpward=false, const ::MeshDimension aDim=::MeshDim_3D, TSetOfInt *aShapesId=0)
 Computes aMesh on aShape. More...
SMESH_MeshCreateMesh (int theStudyId, bool theIsEmbeddedMode)
bool Evaluate (::SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, MapShapeNbElems &aResMap, const bool anUpward=false, TSetOfInt *aShapesId=0)
 evaluates size of prospective mesh on a shape More...
SMESH_AlgoGetAlgo (SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, TopoDS_Shape *assignedTo=0)
SMESH_AlgoGetAlgo (SMESH_subMesh *aSubMesh, TopoDS_Shape *assignedTo=0)
bool GetAlgoState (SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, std::list< SMESH_Gen::TAlgoStateError > &theErrors)
int GetANewId ()
int GetBoundaryBoxSegmentation () const
const SMESH_subMeshGetCurrentSubMesh () const
 Returns a sub-mesh being currently computed. More...
int GetDefaultNbSegments () const
StudyContextStructGetStudyContext (int studyId)
void PrepareCompute (::SMESH_Mesh &aMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &aShape)
void SetBoundaryBoxSegmentation (int theNbSegments)
 Sets number of segments per diagonal of boundary box of geometry by which default segment length of appropriate 1D hypotheses is defined. More...
void SetDefaultNbSegments (int nb)
 Sets default number of segments per edge. More...
 SMESH_Gen ()
 ~SMESH_Gen ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< std::string > GetPluginXMLPaths ()
 Return paths to xml files of plugins. More...
static int GetShapeDim (const TopAbs_ShapeEnum &aShapeType)
 Return shape dimension by TopAbs_ShapeEnum. More...
static int GetShapeDim (const TopoDS_Shape &aShape)
static bool IsGlobalHypothesis (const SMESH_Hypothesis *theHyp, SMESH_Mesh &aMesh)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SMESH_Gen()

SMESH_Gen::SMESH_Gen ( )


◆ ~SMESH_Gen()

SMESH_Gen::~SMESH_Gen ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ CancelCompute()

void SMESH_Gen::CancelCompute ( ::SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape 

Cancel Compute a mesh

References SMESH_subMesh::COMPUTE_CANCELED, and GetCurrentSubMesh().

◆ CheckAlgoState()

bool SMESH_Gen::CheckAlgoState ( SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape 

References GetAlgoState().

◆ Compute()

bool SMESH_Gen::Compute ( ::SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape,
const bool  aShapeOnly = false,
const bool  anUpward = false,
const ::MeshDimension  aDim = ::MeshDim_3D,
TSetOfInt *  aShapesId = 0 

◆ CreateMesh()

SMESH_Mesh * SMESH_Gen::CreateMesh ( int  theStudyId,
bool  theIsEmbeddedMode 

Creates a mesh in a study. if (theIsEmbeddedMode) { mesh modification commands are not logged }

References GetStudyContext(), studyContextStruct::mapMesh, and studyContextStruct::myDocument.

Referenced by MeshPart::Mesher::createMesh(), Fem::FemMesh::FemMesh(), and Fem::FemMesh::operator=().

◆ Evaluate()

bool SMESH_Gen::Evaluate ( ::SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape,
MapShapeNbElems &  aResMap,
const bool  anUpward = false,
TSetOfInt *  aShapesId = 0 

◆ GetAlgo() [1/2]

SMESH_Algo * SMESH_Gen::GetAlgo ( SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape,
TopoDS_Shape *  assignedTo = 0 

Finds algo to mesh a shape. Optionally returns a shape the found algo is bound to

References GetAlgo(), and SMESH_Mesh::GetSubMesh().

Referenced by SMESH_subMesh::AlgoStateEngine(), Compute(), Evaluate(), GetAlgo(), and StdMeshers_CompositeSegment_1D::GetFaceSide().

◆ GetAlgo() [2/2]

◆ GetAlgoState()

◆ GetANewId()

int SMESH_Gen::GetANewId ( )

Genarate a new id unique withing this Gen

Referenced by StdMeshers_Hexa_3D::Compute().

◆ GetBoundaryBoxSegmentation()

int SMESH_Gen::GetBoundaryBoxSegmentation ( ) const

◆ GetCurrentSubMesh()

const SMESH_subMesh * SMESH_Gen::GetCurrentSubMesh ( ) const

Returns a sub-mesh being currently computed.

Referenced by CancelCompute().

◆ GetDefaultNbSegments()

int SMESH_Gen::GetDefaultNbSegments ( ) const

◆ GetPluginXMLPaths()

std::vector< std::string > SMESH_Gen::GetPluginXMLPaths ( )

Return paths to xml files of plugins.

Referenced by SMESH_Algo::GetFeatures().

◆ GetShapeDim() [1/2]

◆ GetShapeDim() [2/2]

static int SMESH_Gen::GetShapeDim ( const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape)

◆ GetStudyContext()

StudyContextStruct * SMESH_Gen::GetStudyContext ( int  studyId)

Returns StudyContextStruct for a study

References studyContextStruct::myDocument.

Referenced by CreateMesh(), and SMESH_Hypothesis::SMESH_Hypothesis().

◆ IsGlobalHypothesis()

bool SMESH_Gen::IsGlobalHypothesis ( const SMESH_Hypothesis theHyp,
SMESH_Mesh aMesh 

◆ PrepareCompute()

void SMESH_Gen::PrepareCompute ( ::SMESH_Mesh aMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape 

Prepare Compute a mesh

◆ SetBoundaryBoxSegmentation()

void SMESH_Gen::SetBoundaryBoxSegmentation ( int  theNbSegments)

Sets number of segments per diagonal of boundary box of geometry by which default segment length of appropriate 1D hypotheses is defined.

◆ SetDefaultNbSegments()

void SMESH_Gen::SetDefaultNbSegments ( int  nb)

Sets default number of segments per edge.

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