ArchPipe Namespace Reference

The Pipe object and tools. More...


def makePipe (baseobj=None, diameter=0, length=0, placement=None, name="Pipe")
def makePipeConnector (pipes, radius=0, name="Connector")

Detailed Description

The Pipe object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Pipe and Pipe connector objects. Pipes are tubular objects extruded along a base line.

Function Documentation

◆ makePipe()

def ArchPipe.makePipe (   baseobj = None,
  diameter = 0,
  length = 0,
  placement = None,
  name = "Pipe" 

Referenced by ArchStairs.makeRailing().

◆ makePipeConnector()

def ArchPipe.makePipeConnector (   pipes,
  radius = 0,
  name = "Connector"