ArchStairs Namespace Reference

The Stairs object and tools. More...


def makeRailing (stairs)
def makeStairs (baseobj=None, length=None, width=None, height=None, steps=None, name="Stairs")


 zeroMM = FreeCAD.Units.Quantity('0mm')

Detailed Description

The Stairs object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Stairs objects.

Function Documentation

◆ makeRailing()

◆ makeStairs()

def ArchStairs.makeStairs (   baseobj = None,
  length = None,
  width = None,
  height = None,
  steps = None,
  name = "Stairs" 
makeStairs([baseobj,length,width,height,steps]): creates a Stairs
objects with given attributes.

References makeRailing().

Variable Documentation

◆ zeroMM

ArchStairs.zeroMM = FreeCAD.Units.Quantity('0mm')