draftobjects.dimension.LinearDimension Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def execute (self, obj)
def onChanged (self, obj, prop)
def onDocumentRestored (self, obj)
def set_properties (self, obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftobjects.draft_annotation.DraftAnnotation
def add_missing_properties_0v19 (self, obj, vobj)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from draftobjects.draft_annotation.DraftAnnotation

Detailed Description

The linear dimension object.

This inherits `DimensionBase` to provide the basic functionality of
a dimension.

This linear dimension includes measurements between two vertices,
but also a radial dimension of a circular edge or arc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

def draftobjects.dimension.LinearDimension.execute (   self,

◆ onChanged()

◆ onDocumentRestored()

def draftobjects.dimension.LinearDimension.onDocumentRestored (   self,
Execute code when the document is restored.

It calls the parent class to add missing dimension properties.

Reimplemented from draftobjects.dimension.DimensionBase.

◆ set_properties()

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