MeshPart::Vertex Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

bool operator< (const Vertex &v) const
const MeshCore::MeshPointtoPoint () const
 Vertex (Standard_Real X, Standard_Real Y, Standard_Real Z)

Public Attributes

Standard_Integer i
MeshCore::MeshPoint p
Standard_Real x
Standard_Real y
Standard_Real z

Static Public Attributes

static const double deflection = gp::Resolution()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vertex()

MeshPart::Vertex::Vertex ( Standard_Real  X,
Standard_Real  Y,
Standard_Real  Z 

References x, y, and z.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool MeshPart::Vertex::operator< ( const Vertex v) const

References deflection.

◆ toPoint()

const MeshCore::MeshPoint & MeshPart::Vertex::toPoint ( ) const

References p.

Member Data Documentation

◆ deflection

const double MeshPart::Vertex::deflection = gp::Resolution()

Referenced by operator<().

◆ i

Standard_Integer MeshPart::Vertex::i

◆ p

◆ x

◆ y

◆ z

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