MeshPart::MeshAlgos Class Reference

The mesh algorithms container class. More...

#include <MeshAlgos.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static MeshCore::MeshKernelboolean (MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh1, MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh2, MeshCore::MeshKernel *pResult, int Type=0)
 makes a boolean add The int Type stears the boolean oberation: 0=add;1=intersection;2=diff More...
static void coarsen (MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh, float f)
 Coarsen the mesh. More...
static void cutByCurve (MeshCore::MeshKernel *pMesh, const std::vector< CurveProjector::FaceSplitEdge > &vSplitEdges)
static void cutByShape (const TopoDS_Shape &aShape, const MeshCore::MeshKernel *pMesh, MeshCore::MeshKernel *pToolMesh)
static void GetSampledCurves (const TopoDS_Edge &aEdge, std::vector< Base::Vector3f > &rclPoints, unsigned long ulNbOfPoints=30)
 helper to discredicice a Edge... More...
static void LoftOnCurve (MeshCore::MeshKernel &ResultMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &Shape, const std::vector< Base::Vector3f > &poly, const Base::Vector3f &up=Base::Vector3f(0, 0, 1), float MaxSize=0.1)
 creates a mesh loft on base of a curve and an up vector More...
static void offset (MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh, float fSize)
 Calculate per Vertex normals and adds the Normal property bag. More...
static void offsetSpecial (MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh, float fSize, float zmax, float zmin)
static void offsetSpecial2 (MeshCore::MeshKernel *Mesh, float fSize)

Detailed Description

The mesh algorithms container class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ boolean()

MeshCore::MeshKernel * MeshAlgos::boolean ( MeshCore::MeshKernel Mesh1,
MeshCore::MeshKernel Mesh2,
MeshCore::MeshKernel pResult,
int  Type = 0 

makes a boolean add The int Type stears the boolean oberation: 0=add;1=intersection;2=diff

◆ coarsen()

void MeshAlgos::coarsen ( MeshCore::MeshKernel Mesh,
float  f 

Coarsen the mesh.

◆ cutByCurve()

void MeshAlgos::cutByCurve ( MeshCore::MeshKernel pMesh,
const std::vector< CurveProjector::FaceSplitEdge > &  vSplitEdges 

◆ cutByShape()

void MeshAlgos::cutByShape ( const TopoDS_Shape &  aShape,
const MeshCore::MeshKernel pMesh,
MeshCore::MeshKernel pToolMesh 

◆ GetSampledCurves()

static void MeshPart::MeshAlgos::GetSampledCurves ( const TopoDS_Edge &  aEdge,
std::vector< Base::Vector3f > &  rclPoints,
unsigned long  ulNbOfPoints = 30 

helper to discredicice a Edge...

◆ LoftOnCurve()

void MeshAlgos::LoftOnCurve ( MeshCore::MeshKernel ResultMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  Shape,
const std::vector< Base::Vector3f > &  poly,
const Base::Vector3f up = Base::Vector3f(0,0,1),
float  MaxSize = 0.1 

◆ offset()

void MeshAlgos::offset ( MeshCore::MeshKernel Mesh,
float  fSize 

◆ offsetSpecial()

void MeshAlgos::offsetSpecial ( MeshCore::MeshKernel Mesh,
float  fSize,
float  zmax,
float  zmin 

◆ offsetSpecial2()

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