draftguitools.gui_trackers.arcTracker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def getAngle (self, pt)
def getAngles (self)
def getDeviation (self)
def getRadius (self)
def recompute (self)
def setApertureAngle (self, ang)
def setBy3Points (self, p1, p2, p3)
def setCenter (self, cen)
def setEndAngle (self, ang)
def setEndPoint (self, pt)
def setRadius (self, rad)
def setStartAngle (self, ang)
def setStartPoint (self, pt)
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def finalize (self)
def lowerTracker (self)
def off (self)
def on (self)
def raiseTracker (self)

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

An arc tracker.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAngle()

◆ getAngles()

def draftguitools.gui_trackers.arcTracker.getAngles (   self)
Return the start and end angles in degrees.

References draftguitools.gui_trackers.arcTracker.endangle, and draftguitools.gui_trackers.arcTracker.startangle.

◆ getDeviation()

◆ getRadius()

◆ recompute()

def draftguitools.gui_trackers.arcTracker.recompute (   self)

◆ setApertureAngle()

◆ setBy3Points()

◆ setCenter()

◆ setEndAngle()

◆ setEndPoint()

◆ setRadius()

◆ setStartAngle()

◆ setStartPoint()

Member Data Documentation

◆ autoinvert


◆ basevector


◆ circle


◆ endangle

◆ normal

◆ sep

◆ startangle

◆ trans

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