MeshCore::MeshInput Class Reference

The MeshInput class is able to read a mesh object from an input stream in various formats. More...

#include <MeshIO.h>

Public Member Functions

const std::vector< std::string > & GetGroupNames () const
bool LoadAny (const char *FileName)
 Loads the file, decided by extension. More...
bool LoadAsciiSTL (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an ASCII STL file. More...
bool LoadBinarySTL (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads a binary STL file. More...
bool LoadCadmouldFE (std::ifstream &rstrIn)
 Loads a Cadmould FE file. More...
bool LoadFormat (std::istream &str, MeshIO::Format fmt)
 Loads from a stream and the given format. More...
bool LoadInventor (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an OpenInventor file. More...
bool LoadMeshNode (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads a node from an OpenInventor file. More...
bool LoadMTL (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads the materials of an OBJ file. More...
bool LoadNastran (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads a Nastran file. More...
bool LoadOBJ (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an OBJ Mesh file. More...
bool LoadOFF (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an OFF Mesh file. More...
bool LoadPLY (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads a PLY Mesh file. More...
bool LoadSMF (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an SMF Mesh file. More...
bool LoadSTL (std::istream &rstrIn)
 Loads an STL file either in binary or ASCII format. More...
void LoadXML (Base::XMLReader &reader)
 Loads the mesh object from an XML file. More...
 MeshInput (MeshKernel &rclM)
 MeshInput (MeshKernel &rclM, Material *m)
virtual ~MeshInput ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MeshIO::Format getFormat (const char *FileName)
static std::vector< std::string > supportedMeshFormats ()

Detailed Description

The MeshInput class is able to read a mesh object from an input stream in various formats.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshInput() [1/2]

MeshCore::MeshInput::MeshInput ( MeshKernel rclM)

◆ MeshInput() [2/2]

MeshCore::MeshInput::MeshInput ( MeshKernel rclM,
Material m 

◆ ~MeshInput()

virtual MeshCore::MeshInput::~MeshInput ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFormat()

MeshIO::Format MeshInput::getFormat ( const char *  FileName)

◆ GetGroupNames()

const std::vector< std::string > & MeshCore::MeshInput::GetGroupNames ( ) const

Referenced by Mesh::MeshObject::load().

◆ LoadAny()

◆ LoadAsciiSTL()

bool MeshInput::LoadAsciiSTL ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadBinarySTL()

bool MeshInput::LoadBinarySTL ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadCadmouldFE()

bool MeshInput::LoadCadmouldFE ( std::ifstream &  rstrIn)

Loads a Cadmould FE file.

◆ LoadFormat()

◆ LoadInventor()

bool MeshInput::LoadInventor ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadMeshNode()

bool MeshInput::LoadMeshNode ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadMTL()

bool MeshInput::LoadMTL ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

Loads the materials of an OBJ file.

References Base::Tools::escapedUnicodeToUtf8(), MeshCore::MeshIO::OVERALL, and MeshCore::MeshIO::PER_FACE.

Referenced by Mesh::MeshObject::load().

◆ LoadNastran()

bool MeshInput::LoadNastran ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadOBJ()

◆ LoadOFF()

◆ LoadPLY()

◆ LoadSMF()

bool MeshInput::LoadSMF ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

◆ LoadSTL()

bool MeshInput::LoadSTL ( std::istream &  rstrIn)

Loads an STL file either in binary or ASCII format.

Therefore the file header gets checked to decide if the file is binary or not.

References LoadAsciiSTL(), and LoadBinarySTL().

Referenced by LoadAny(), and LoadFormat().

◆ LoadXML()

◆ supportedMeshFormats()

std::vector< std::string > MeshInput::supportedMeshFormats ( )

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