Path::Voronoi Class Reference

#include <Voronoi.h>


class  diagram_type

Public Types

typedef std::size_t color_type
typedef double coordinate_type
typedef boost::polygon::point_data< coordinate_typepoint_type
typedef boost::polygon::segment_data< coordinate_typesegment_type
typedef boost::polygon::voronoi_vertex< double > vertex_type
typedef boost::polygon::voronoi_diagram< double > voronoi_diagram_type

Public Member Functions

void addPoint (const point_type &p)
void addSegment (const segment_type &p)
void colorColinear (color_type color, double degree)
void colorExterior (color_type color)
void colorTwins (color_type color)
void construct ()
template<typename T >
T * create (int index)
double getScale () const
long numCells () const
long numEdges () const
long numPoints () const
long numSegments () const
long numVertices () const
void resetColor (color_type color)
void setScale (double scale)
 Voronoi ()
 ~Voronoi ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
 BaseClass ()
 Construction. More...
 BaseClass (const BaseClass &)=default
virtual PyObjectgetPyObject ()
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virtual Type getTypeId () const
bool isDerivedFrom (const Type type) const
BaseClassoperator= (const BaseClass &)=default
virtual void setPyObject (PyObject *)
virtual ~BaseClass ()
 Destruction. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const color_type ColorMask = PATH_VORONOI_COLOR_MASK
static const int InvalidIndex = INT_MAX


class VoronoiPy

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
static void * create ()
static Type getClassTypeId ()
static void init ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
static void initSubclass (Base::Type &toInit, const char *ClassName, const char *ParentName, Type::instantiationMethod method=nullptr)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ color_type

typedef std::size_t Path::Voronoi::color_type

◆ coordinate_type

typedef double Path::Voronoi::coordinate_type

◆ point_type

typedef boost::polygon::point_data<coordinate_type> Path::Voronoi::point_type

◆ segment_type

typedef boost::polygon::segment_data<coordinate_type> Path::Voronoi::segment_type

◆ vertex_type

typedef boost::polygon::voronoi_vertex<double> Path::Voronoi::vertex_type

◆ voronoi_diagram_type

typedef boost::polygon::voronoi_diagram<double> Path::Voronoi::voronoi_diagram_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Voronoi()

Voronoi::Voronoi ( )

◆ ~Voronoi()

Voronoi::~Voronoi ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPoint()

◆ addSegment()

void Voronoi::addSegment ( const segment_type p)

◆ colorColinear()

void Voronoi::colorColinear ( Voronoi::color_type  color,
double  degree 

◆ colorExterior()

void Voronoi::colorExterior ( Voronoi::color_type  color)

References colorExterior().

Referenced by colorExterior().

◆ colorTwins()

void Voronoi::colorTwins ( Voronoi::color_type  color)

◆ construct()

void Voronoi::construct ( )

◆ create()

template<typename T >
T * Path::Voronoi::create ( int  index)

◆ getScale()

double Path::Voronoi::getScale ( ) const

◆ numCells()

long Voronoi::numCells ( ) const

◆ numEdges()

long Voronoi::numEdges ( ) const

◆ numPoints()

long Voronoi::numPoints ( ) const

◆ numSegments()

long Voronoi::numSegments ( ) const

◆ numVertices()

long Voronoi::numVertices ( ) const

◆ resetColor()

void Voronoi::resetColor ( Voronoi::color_type  color)

◆ setScale()

void Path::Voronoi::setScale ( double  scale)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ VoronoiPy

friend class VoronoiPy

Member Data Documentation

◆ ColorMask

const color_type Path::Voronoi::ColorMask = PATH_VORONOI_COLOR_MASK

◆ InvalidIndex

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