Path Namespace Reference


class  Area
 Base class for FreeCAD wrapping of libarea. More...
struct  AreaParams
 Store all Area configurations. More...
struct  AreaStaticParams
struct  CAreaConfig
 libarea configurator More...
struct  CAreaParams
 Store libarea algorithm configuration. More...
class  Command
 The representation of a cnc command in a path. More...
class  Feature
class  FeatureArea
class  FeatureAreaView
class  FeatureCompound
class  FeatureShape
class  Module
class  PathSegmentVisitor
 PathSegmentVisitor is the companion class to PathSegmentWalker. More...
class  PathSegmentWalker
 PathSegmentWalker processes a path a splits all movement commands into straight segments and calls the appropriate member of the provided PathSegmentVisitor. More...
class  PropertyPath
 The path property class. More...
class  PropertyTool
 The tool property class. More...
class  PropertyTooltable
 The tooltable property class. More...
class  Tool
 The representation of a single tool. More...
class  Toolpath
 The representation of a CNC Toolpath. More...
class  Tooltable
 The representation of a table of tools. More...
class  Voronoi
class  VoronoiCell
class  VoronoiEdge
class  VoronoiVertex


typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureAreaFeatureAreaPython
typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureAreaViewFeatureAreaViewPython
typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureCompoundFeatureCompoundPython
typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureFeaturePython
typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureShapeFeatureShapePython
using ToolPtr = std::shared_ptr< Tool >


Base::Vector3d compensateRotation (const Base::Vector3d &pt, const Base::Rotation &rot, const Base::Vector3d &center)
PyObjectinitModule ()
Base::Rotation yawPitchRoll (double a, double b, double c)

Typedef Documentation

◆ FeatureAreaPython

typedef App::FeaturePythonT<FeatureArea> Path::FeatureAreaPython

◆ FeatureAreaViewPython

typedef App::FeaturePythonT<FeatureAreaView> Path::FeatureAreaViewPython

◆ FeatureCompoundPython

typedef App::FeaturePythonT<FeatureCompound> Path::FeatureCompoundPython

◆ FeaturePython

typedef App::FeaturePythonT<Feature> Path::FeaturePython

◆ FeatureShapePython

typedef App::FeaturePythonT<FeatureShape> Path::FeatureShapePython

◆ ToolPtr

using Path::ToolPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<Tool>

Function Documentation

◆ compensateRotation()

Base::Vector3d Path::compensateRotation ( const Base::Vector3d pt,
const Base::Rotation rot,
const Base::Vector3d center 

◆ initModule()

PyObject * Path::initModule ( )

◆ yawPitchRoll()

Base::Rotation Path::yawPitchRoll ( double  a,
double  b,
double  c