PathScripts.PathJobCmd.CommandJobTemplateExport Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def Activated (self)
def Execute (cls, job, path, dialog=None)
def GetJob (self)
def GetResources (self)
def IsActive (self)
def SaveDialog (cls, job, dialog)

Detailed Description

Command to export a template of a given job.
Opens a dialog to select the file to store the template in. If the template is stored in Path's
file path (see preferences) and named in accordance with job_*.json it will automatically be found
on Job creation and be available for selection.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activated()

◆ Execute()

def PathScripts.PathJobCmd.CommandJobTemplateExport.Execute (   cls,
  dialog = None 

◆ GetJob()

def PathScripts.PathJobCmd.CommandJobTemplateExport.GetJob (   self)

◆ GetResources()

def PathScripts.PathJobCmd.CommandJobTemplateExport.GetResources (   self)

◆ IsActive()

def PathScripts.PathJobCmd.CommandJobTemplateExport.IsActive (   self)

◆ SaveDialog()

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