ClipperLib::Clipper Class Reference

#include <clipper.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Clipper (int initOptions=0)
bool Execute (ClipType clipType, Paths &solution, PolyFillType subjFillType=pftEvenOdd, PolyFillType clipFillType=pftEvenOdd)
bool Execute (ClipType clipType, PolyTree &polytree, PolyFillType subjFillType=pftEvenOdd, PolyFillType clipFillType=pftEvenOdd)
bool ReverseSolution ()
void ReverseSolution (bool value)
bool StrictlySimple ()
void StrictlySimple (bool value)
 ~Clipper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClipperLib::ClipperBase
bool AddPath (const Path &pg, PolyType PolyTyp, bool Closed)
bool AddPaths (const Paths &ppg, PolyType PolyTyp, bool Closed)
virtual void Clear ()
 ClipperBase ()
IntRect GetBounds ()
bool PreserveCollinear ()
void PreserveCollinear (bool value)
virtual ~ClipperBase ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ExecuteInternal ()
void Reset ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ClipperLib::ClipperBase
TEdgeAddBoundsToLML (TEdge *e, bool IsClosed)
void AscendToMax (TEdge *&E, bool Appending, bool IsClosed)
TEdgeDescendToMin (TEdge *&E)
void DisposeLocalMinimaList ()
void DoMinimaLML (TEdge *E1, TEdge *E2, bool IsClosed)
void PopLocalMinima ()
TEdgeProcessBound (TEdge *E, bool IsClockwise)
virtual void Reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from ClipperLib::ClipperBase
typedef std::vector< LocalMinimumMinimaList
- Protected Attributes inherited from ClipperLib::ClipperBase
MinimaList::iterator m_CurrentLM
EdgeList m_edges
bool m_HasOpenPaths
MinimaList m_MinimaList
bool m_PreserveCollinear
bool m_UseFullRange

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Clipper()

◆ ~Clipper()

ClipperLib::Clipper::~Clipper ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute() [1/2]

◆ Execute() [2/2]

bool ClipperLib::Clipper::Execute ( ClipType  clipType,
PolyTree polytree,
PolyFillType  subjFillType = pftEvenOdd,
PolyFillType  clipFillType = pftEvenOdd 

◆ ExecuteInternal()

◆ Reset()

void ClipperLib::Clipper::Reset ( )

◆ ReverseSolution() [1/2]

bool ClipperLib::Clipper::ReverseSolution ( )

◆ ReverseSolution() [2/2]

void ClipperLib::Clipper::ReverseSolution ( bool  value)

◆ StrictlySimple() [1/2]

◆ StrictlySimple() [2/2]

void ClipperLib::Clipper::StrictlySimple ( bool  value)

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