draftguitools.gui_snaps.Draft_Snap_WorkingPlane Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def Activated (self)
def GetResources (self)
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def Activated (self)
def IsActive (self)

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Detailed Description

GuiCommand for the Draft_Snap_WorkingPlane tool.

Restricts snapping to a point in the current working plane.
If you select a point outside the working plane, for example,
by using other snapping methods, it will snap to that point's
projection in the current working plane.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activated()

◆ GetResources()

def draftguitools.gui_snaps.Draft_Snap_WorkingPlane.GetResources (   self)
Set icon, menu and tooltip.

References draftutils.translate.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP.

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