draftguitools.gui_edit_draft_objects.DraftRectangleGuiTools Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def get_edit_points (self, obj)
def update_object_from_edit_points (self, obj, node_idx, v, alt_edit_mode=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftguitools.gui_edit_base_object.GuiTools
def get_edit_obj_context_menu (self, edit_command, obj, position)
def get_edit_point_context_menu (self, edit_command, obj, node_idx)
def get_edit_points (self, obj)
def get_object_style (self, obj)
def init_preview_object (self, obj)
def restore_object_style (self, obj, modes)
def set_object_editing_style (self, obj)
def update_object_from_edit_points (self, obj, node_idx, v, alt_edit_mode=0)
def update_preview_object (self, edit_command, obj, node_idx, v)

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_edit_points()

def draftguitools.gui_edit_draft_objects.DraftRectangleGuiTools.get_edit_points (   self,
Return the list of edipoints for the given Draft Rectangle.

0 : Placement.Base
1 : Length
2 : Height

Reimplemented from draftguitools.gui_edit_base_object.GuiTools.

◆ update_object_from_edit_points()

def draftguitools.gui_edit_draft_objects.DraftRectangleGuiTools.update_object_from_edit_points (   self,
  alt_edit_mode = 0 
Update the object from modified Draft_Edit point.
No need to recompute at the end.

obj: the object
node_idx: number of the edited node
v: target vector of the node in object local coordinates system
alt_edit_mode: alternative edit mode to perform different operations
               (usually can be selected from the Draft_Edit context menu)
               default = 0

Reimplemented from draftguitools.gui_edit_base_object.GuiTools.

References DraftVecUtils.project().

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