TechDraw::CosmeticExtension Class Reference

#include <CosmeticExtension.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual std::string addCenterLine (Base::Vector3d start, Base::Vector3d end)
virtual std::string addCenterLine (TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr bg)
virtual std::string addCenterLine (TechDraw::CenterLine *cl)
virtual std::string addCosmeticEdge (Base::Vector3d start, Base::Vector3d end)
virtual std::string addCosmeticEdge (TechDraw::BaseGeomPtr bg)
virtual std::string addCosmeticVertex (Base::Vector3d pos)
virtual std::string addGeomFormat (TechDraw::GeomFormat *gf)
 CosmeticExtension ()
virtual CenterLinegetCenterLine (std::string tag) const
virtual CenterLinegetCenterLineBySelection (int i) const
virtual CenterLinegetCenterLineBySelection (std::string name) const
virtual CosmeticEdgegetCosmeticEdge (std::string id) const
virtual CosmeticEdgegetCosmeticEdgeBySelection (int i) const
virtual CosmeticEdgegetCosmeticEdgeBySelection (std::string name) const
virtual CosmeticVertexgetCosmeticVertex (std::string id) const
virtual CosmeticVertexgetCosmeticVertexBySelection (int i) const
virtual CosmeticVertexgetCosmeticVertexBySelection (std::string name) const
PyObjectgetExtensionPyObject (void)
virtual GeomFormatgetGeomFormat (std::string id) const
virtual GeomFormatgetGeomFormatBySelection (int i) const
virtual GeomFormatgetGeomFormatBySelection (std::string name) const
virtual void removeCenterLine (std::string tag)
virtual void removeCenterLine (std::vector< std::string > delTags)
virtual void removeCosmeticEdge (std::string tag)
virtual void removeCosmeticEdge (std::vector< std::string > delTags)
virtual void removeCosmeticVertex (std::string tag)
virtual void removeCosmeticVertex (std::vector< std::string > delTags)
virtual void removeGeomFormat (std::string tag)
virtual bool replaceCenterLine (CenterLine *newLine)
virtual bool replaceCosmeticEdge (CosmeticEdge *newEdge)
virtual bool replaceCosmeticVertex (CosmeticVertex *newVertex)
virtual bool replaceGeomFormat (TechDraw::GeomFormat *gf)
virtual ~CosmeticExtension ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::DocumentObjectExtension
 DocumentObjectExtension ()
virtual App::DocumentObjectExecReturnextensionExecute ()
virtual bool extensionGetLinkedObject (DocumentObject *&ret, bool recursive, Base::Matrix4D *mat, bool transform, int depth) const
 Get the linked object. More...
virtual bool extensionGetSubObject (DocumentObject *&ret, const char *subname, PyObject **pyObj, Base::Matrix4D *mat, bool transform, int depth) const
 Get the sub object by name. More...
virtual bool extensionGetSubObjects (std::vector< std::string > &ret, int reason) const
 Get name references of all sub objects. More...
virtual bool extensionHasChildElement () const
virtual int extensionIsElementVisible (const char *)
virtual short extensionMustExecute ()
virtual int extensionSetElementVisible (const char *, bool)
App::DocumentObjectgetExtendedObject ()
const App::DocumentObjectgetExtendedObject () const
virtual PyObjectgetExtensionPyObject () override
virtual const char * getViewProviderExtensionName () const
 returns the type name of the ViewProviderExtension which is automatically attached to the viewprovider object when it is initiated More...
virtual void onExtendedDocumentRestored ()
 get called after a document has been fully restored More...
virtual void onExtendedSettingDocument ()
 get called after setting the document More...
virtual void onExtendedSetupObject ()
 get called after a brand new object was created More...
virtual void onExtendedUnsetupObject ()
 get called when object is going to be removed from the document More...
virtual ~DocumentObjectExtension ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
 Extension ()
App::ExtensionContainergetExtendedContainer ()
const App::ExtensionContainergetExtendedContainer () const
virtual PyObjectgetExtensionPyObject ()
virtual void initExtension (App::ExtensionContainer *obj)
bool isPythonExtension ()
std::string name () const
virtual ~Extension ()
virtual PropertyextensionGetPropertyByName (const char *name) const
 find a property by its name More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyName (const Property *prop) const
 get the name of a property More...
virtual void extensionGetPropertyMap (std::map< std::string, Property * > &Map) const
 get all properties of the class (including properties of the parent) More...
virtual void extensionGetPropertyList (std::vector< Property * > &List) const
 get all properties of the class (including properties of the parent) More...
virtual short extensionGetPropertyType (const Property *prop) const
 get the Type of a Property More...
virtual short extensionGetPropertyType (const char *name) const
 get the Type of a named Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyGroup (const Property *prop) const
 get the Group of a Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyGroup (const char *name) const
 get the Group of a named Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyDocumentation (const Property *prop) const
 get the Group of a Property More...
virtual const char * extensionGetPropertyDocumentation (const char *name) const
 get the Group of a named Property More...
virtual void extensionSave (Base::Writer &) const
virtual void extensionRestore (Base::XMLReader &)
bool extensionIsDerivedFrom (const Base::Type type) const

Public Attributes

TechDraw::PropertyCenterLineList CenterLines
TechDraw::PropertyCosmeticEdgeList CosmeticEdges
TechDraw::PropertyCosmeticVertexList CosmeticVertexes
TechDraw::PropertyGeomFormatList GeomFormats

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
virtual void extensionOnChanged (const Property *p)
void initExtensionType (Base::Type type)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from App::Extension
static void initExtensionSubclass (Base::Type &toInit, const char *ClassName, const char *ParentName, Base::Type::instantiationMethod method=nullptr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from App::Extension
bool m_isPythonExtension = false
Py::SmartPtr ExtensionPythonObject

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CosmeticExtension()

CosmeticExtension::CosmeticExtension ( )

References App::Prop_Output.

◆ ~CosmeticExtension()

CosmeticExtension::~CosmeticExtension ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCenterLine() [1/3]

◆ addCenterLine() [2/3]

◆ addCenterLine() [3/3]

◆ addCosmeticEdge() [1/2]

◆ addCosmeticEdge() [2/2]

◆ addCosmeticVertex()

◆ addGeomFormat()

◆ getCenterLine()

◆ getCenterLineBySelection() [1/2]

TechDraw::CenterLine * CosmeticExtension::getCenterLineBySelection ( int  i) const

◆ getCenterLineBySelection() [2/2]

◆ getCosmeticEdge()

◆ getCosmeticEdgeBySelection() [1/2]

TechDraw::CosmeticEdge * CosmeticExtension::getCosmeticEdgeBySelection ( int  i) const

◆ getCosmeticEdgeBySelection() [2/2]

◆ getCosmeticVertex()

◆ getCosmeticVertexBySelection() [1/2]

TechDraw::CosmeticVertex * CosmeticExtension::getCosmeticVertexBySelection ( int  i) const

◆ getCosmeticVertexBySelection() [2/2]

◆ getExtensionPyObject()

PyObject * CosmeticExtension::getExtensionPyObject ( void  )

◆ getGeomFormat()

TechDraw::GeomFormat * CosmeticExtension::getGeomFormat ( std::string  id) const

◆ getGeomFormatBySelection() [1/2]

TechDraw::GeomFormat * CosmeticExtension::getGeomFormatBySelection ( int  i) const

◆ getGeomFormatBySelection() [2/2]

◆ removeCenterLine() [1/2]

void CosmeticExtension::removeCenterLine ( std::string  tag)

◆ removeCenterLine() [2/2]

void CosmeticExtension::removeCenterLine ( std::vector< std::string >  delTags)

References removeCenterLine().

◆ removeCosmeticEdge() [1/2]

void CosmeticExtension::removeCosmeticEdge ( std::string  tag)

◆ removeCosmeticEdge() [2/2]

void CosmeticExtension::removeCosmeticEdge ( std::vector< std::string >  delTags)

References removeCosmeticEdge().

◆ removeCosmeticVertex() [1/2]

◆ removeCosmeticVertex() [2/2]

void CosmeticExtension::removeCosmeticVertex ( std::vector< std::string >  delTags)

◆ removeGeomFormat()

void CosmeticExtension::removeGeomFormat ( std::string  tag)

◆ replaceCenterLine()

bool CosmeticExtension::replaceCenterLine ( CenterLine newLine)

◆ replaceCosmeticEdge()

bool CosmeticExtension::replaceCosmeticEdge ( CosmeticEdge newEdge)

◆ replaceCosmeticVertex()

bool CosmeticExtension::replaceCosmeticVertex ( CosmeticVertex newVertex)

◆ replaceGeomFormat()

bool CosmeticExtension::replaceGeomFormat ( TechDraw::GeomFormat gf)

Member Data Documentation

◆ CenterLines

◆ CosmeticEdges

◆ CosmeticVertexes

◆ GeomFormats

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