Dice3DS.dom3ds.KFDATA Class Reference

Static Public Attributes

tuple multiple
string single = "KFHDR kfhdr, KFSEG kfseg, KFCURTIME kfcurtime"
int tag = 0xB000
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Dice3DS.dom3ds.ChunkBase
 document_html = classmethod(document_html)
bool freechunks = True
bool swallow = False

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Dice3DS.dom3ds.ChunkBase
def document_html (cls, flo, done)
def dump (self, flo, indent, flags)
def dump_array (self, flo, indent, flags)
def dump_chunks (self, flo, indent, flags)
def dump_header (self, flo, flags)
def dump_struct (self, flo, indent, flags)
def out_attr (self, attr, flo, indent, flags)
def out_chunk (self, attr, flo, indent, flags)
def out_chunk_index (self, attr, i, flo, indent, flags)
def read (self, fbuf, flags)
def read_array (self, fbuf, flags)
def read_chunks (self, fbuf, flags)
def read_struct (self, fbuf, flags)
def write (self)
def write_array (self)
def write_chunks (self)
def write_struct (self)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Dice3DS.dom3ds.ChunkBase
def get_byte (fbuf, flags)
def get_chunk (fbuf, flags)
def get_float (fbuf, flags)
def get_long (fbuf, flags)
def get_short (fbuf, flags)
def get_string (fbuf, flags)
def set_byte (value)
def set_chunk (value)
def set_float (value)
def set_long (value)
def set_short (value)
def set_string (value)
- Public Attributes inherited from Dice3DS.dom3ds.ChunkBase

Member Data Documentation

◆ multiple

tuple Dice3DS.dom3ds.KFDATA.multiple
Initial value:
= ("OBJECT_NODE_TAG object_nodes,"
"CAMERA_NODE_TAG camera_nodes,"
"TARGET_NODE_TAG target_nodes,"
"LIGHT_NODE_TAG light_nodes,"
"SPOTLIGHT_NODE_TAG spotlight_nodes,"
"L_TARGET_NODE_TAG l_target_nodes,"
"AMBIENT_NODE_TAG ambient_nodes")

◆ single

string Dice3DS.dom3ds.KFDATA.single = "KFHDR kfhdr, KFSEG kfseg, KFCURTIME kfcurtime"

◆ tag

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