draftguitools.gui_array_simple.LinkArray Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def Activated (self)
def GetResources (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftguitools.gui_array_simple.Array
def Activated (self, name="Array")
def GetResources (self)
def proceed (self)
def Activated (self, name="None", noplanesetup=False, is_subtool=False)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftguitools.gui_base_original.DraftTool
def Activated (self, name="None", noplanesetup=False, is_subtool=False)
def commit (self, name, func)
def finish (self, close=False)
def getStrings (self, addrot=None)
def IsActive (self)

Additional Inherited Members

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- Public Attributes inherited from draftguitools.gui_base_original.DraftTool

Detailed Description

Gui Command for the LinkArray tool based on the simple Array tool.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activated()

◆ GetResources()

def draftguitools.gui_array_simple.LinkArray.GetResources (   self)
Set icon, menu and tooltip.

Reimplemented from draftguitools.gui_array_simple.Array.

References draftutils.translate.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP.

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