NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D Class Reference

#include <NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D.hxx>

Public Member Functions

bool GetAllowQuadrangles () const
double GetLocalLength () const
double GetMaxElementArea () const
int GetNumberOfSegments () const
void LengthFromEdges ()
virtual istream & LoadFrom (istream &load)
 NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D (int hypId, int studyId, SMESH_Gen *gen)
virtual ostream & SaveTo (ostream &save)
void SetAllowQuadrangles (bool toAllow)
void SetLocalLength (double segmentLength)
void SetMaxElementArea (double area)
void SetNumberOfSegments (int nb)
virtual bool SetParametersByDefaults (const TDefaults &dflts, const SMESH_Mesh *theMesh=0)
 Initialize my parameter values by default parameters. More...
virtual bool SetParametersByMesh (const SMESH_Mesh *theMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &theShape)
 Set parameters by mesh. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH_Hypothesis
void ClearParameters ()
virtual bool DataDependOnParams () const
 The returned value is used by NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification() to decide to call subMesh->AlgoStateEngine( MODIF_HYP, hyp ) or not if subMesh is ready to be computed (algo+hyp==OK) but not yet computed. True result is reasonable for example if EventListeners depend on parameters of hypothesis. More...
virtual int GetDim () const
SMESH_GenGetGen () const
char * GetLastParameters () const
virtual const char * GetLibName () const
SMESH_MeshGetMeshByPersistentID (int id)
 Find a mesh with given persistent ID. More...
char * GetParameters () const
virtual int GetShapeType () const
int GetStudyId () const
virtual bool IsAuxiliary () const
 Return true if me is an auxiliary hypothesis. More...
virtual void NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification ()
void SetLastParameters (const char *theParameters)
void SetLibName (const char *theLibName)
void SetParameters (const char *theParameters)
virtual bool SetParametersByDefaults (const TDefaults &dflts, const SMESH_Mesh *theMesh=0)=0
 Initialize my parameter values by default parameters. More...
virtual bool SetParametersByMesh (const SMESH_Mesh *theMesh, const TopoDS_Shape &theShape)=0
 Initialize my parameter values by the mesh built on the geometry. More...
 SMESH_Hypothesis (int hypId, int studyId, SMESH_Gen *gen)
virtual ~SMESH_Hypothesis ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMESHDS_Hypothesis
int GetID () const
const char * GetName () const
int GetType () const
bool IsSameName (const SMESHDS_Hypothesis &other) const
 Compare types of hypotheses. More...
virtual std::istream & LoadFrom (std::istream &load)=0
bool operator!= (const SMESHDS_Hypothesis &other) const
virtual bool operator== (const SMESHDS_Hypothesis &other) const
virtual std::ostream & SaveTo (std::ostream &save)=0
 SMESHDS_Hypothesis (int hypId)
virtual ~SMESHDS_Hypothesis ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SMESH_Hypothesis
enum  Hypothesis_Status {
- Public Types inherited from SMESHDS_Hypothesis
enum  hypothesis_type {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SMESH_Hypothesis
static bool IsStatusFatal (Hypothesis_Status theStatus)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D()

NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D ( int  hypId,
int  studyId,
SMESH_Gen gen 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAllowQuadrangles()

bool NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::GetAllowQuadrangles ( ) const

Returns true if generation of quadrangular faces is enabled

◆ GetLocalLength()

double NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::GetLocalLength ( ) const

Returns <segment length> value. Can be zero in case if NumberOfSegments() has been set

◆ GetMaxElementArea()

double NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::GetMaxElementArea ( ) const

Returns <maximum element area> value. Can be zero in case of LengthFromEdges()

◆ GetNumberOfSegments()

int NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::GetNumberOfSegments ( ) const

Returns <number of segments> value. Can be zero in case if LocalLength() has been set

◆ LengthFromEdges()

void NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::LengthFromEdges ( )

Sets <maximum element area> to be dependent on 1D discretization

References SMESH_Hypothesis::NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification().

◆ LoadFrom()

istream & NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::LoadFrom ( istream &  load)

◆ SaveTo()

ostream & NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SaveTo ( ostream &  save)

◆ SetAllowQuadrangles()

void NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetAllowQuadrangles ( bool  toAllow)

Enables/disables generation of quadrangular faces

References SMESH_Hypothesis::NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification().

◆ SetLocalLength()

void NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetLocalLength ( double  segmentLength)

Sets <segment length> value

References SMESH_Hypothesis::NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification().

◆ SetMaxElementArea()

void NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetMaxElementArea ( double  area)

Sets <maximum element area> value. Zero or negative value means same as LengthFromEdges().

References SMESH_Hypothesis::NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification().

◆ SetNumberOfSegments()

void NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetNumberOfSegments ( int  nb)

Sets <number of segments> value

References SMESH_Hypothesis::NotifySubMeshesHypothesisModification().

◆ SetParametersByDefaults()

bool NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetParametersByDefaults ( const TDefaults dflts,
const SMESH_Mesh theMesh = 0 

Initialize my parameter values by default parameters.

Return values
bool- true if parameter values have been successfully defined

Implements SMESH_Hypothesis.

◆ SetParametersByMesh()

bool NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_2D::SetParametersByMesh ( const SMESH_Mesh theMesh,
const TopoDS_Shape &  theShape 

Set parameters by mesh.

Does nothing.

theMesh- the built mesh
theShape- the geometry of interest
Return values
bool- true if theShape is meshed
theMesh- the built mesh
theShape- the geometry of interest
Return values
bool- always false

Implements SMESH_Hypothesis.

Reimplemented in NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_3D.

References SMESHDS_SubMesh::GetElements(), SMESH::Controls::NumericalFunctor::GetPoints(), SMESH_Mesh::GetSubMeshContaining(), SMESH_subMesh::GetSubMeshDS(), SMESH::Controls::Area::GetValue(), SMESH_subMesh::IsEmpty(), and SMESHDS_SubMesh::NbElements().

Referenced by NETGENPlugin_SimpleHypothesis_3D::SetParametersByMesh().

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