MeshCore::MeshRefPointToFacets Class Reference

The MeshRefPointToFacets builds up a structure to have access to all facets indexing a point. More...

#include <Algorithm.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddNeighbour (PointIndex, FacetIndex)
MeshFacetArray::_TConstIterator GetFacet (FacetIndex) const
std::vector< FacetIndexGetIndices (PointIndex, PointIndex) const
std::vector< FacetIndexGetIndices (PointIndex, PointIndex, PointIndex) const
Base::Vector3f GetNormal (PointIndex) const
 MeshRefPointToFacets (const MeshKernel &rclM)
 Construction. More...
std::set< PointIndexNeighbourPoints (const std::vector< PointIndex > &, int level) const
std::set< PointIndexNeighbourPoints (PointIndex) const
void Neighbours (FacetIndex ulFacetInd, float fMaxDist, MeshCollector &collect) const
const std::set< FacetIndex > & operator[] (PointIndex) const
void Rebuild ()
 Rebuilds up data structure. More...
void RemoveFacet (FacetIndex)
void RemoveNeighbour (PointIndex, FacetIndex)
 ~MeshRefPointToFacets ()
 Destruction. More...

Protected Member Functions

void SearchNeighbours (const MeshFacetArray &rFacets, FacetIndex index, const Base::Vector3f &rclCenter, float fMaxDist, std::set< FacetIndex > &visit, MeshCollector &collect) const

Detailed Description

The MeshRefPointToFacets builds up a structure to have access to all facets indexing a point.

If the underlying mesh kernel gets changed this structure becomes invalid and must be rebuilt.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshRefPointToFacets()

MeshCore::MeshRefPointToFacets::MeshRefPointToFacets ( const MeshKernel rclM)


◆ ~MeshRefPointToFacets()

MeshCore::MeshRefPointToFacets::~MeshRefPointToFacets ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNeighbour()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::AddNeighbour ( PointIndex  pos,
FacetIndex  facet 

◆ GetFacet()

MeshFacetArray::_TConstIterator MeshRefPointToFacets::GetFacet ( FacetIndex  index) const

◆ GetIndices() [1/2]

std::vector< FacetIndex > MeshRefPointToFacets::GetIndices ( PointIndex  pos1,
PointIndex  pos2 
) const

Referenced by GetIndices().

◆ GetIndices() [2/2]

std::vector< FacetIndex > MeshRefPointToFacets::GetIndices ( PointIndex  pos1,
PointIndex  pos2,
PointIndex  pos3 
) const

References GetIndices().

◆ GetNormal()

Base::Vector3f MeshRefPointToFacets::GetNormal ( PointIndex  pos) const

◆ NeighbourPoints() [1/2]

std::set< PointIndex > MeshRefPointToFacets::NeighbourPoints ( const std::vector< PointIndex > &  pt,
int  level 
) const

◆ NeighbourPoints() [2/2]

std::set< PointIndex > MeshRefPointToFacets::NeighbourPoints ( PointIndex  pos) const

◆ Neighbours()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::Neighbours ( FacetIndex  ulFacetInd,
float  fMaxDist,
MeshCollector collect 
) const

◆ operator[]()

const std::set< FacetIndex > & MeshRefPointToFacets::operator[] ( PointIndex  pos) const

◆ Rebuild()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::Rebuild ( )

Rebuilds up data structure.

◆ RemoveFacet()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::RemoveFacet ( FacetIndex  facetIndex)

◆ RemoveNeighbour()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::RemoveNeighbour ( PointIndex  pos,
FacetIndex  facet 

◆ SearchNeighbours()

void MeshRefPointToFacets::SearchNeighbours ( const MeshFacetArray rFacets,
FacetIndex  index,
const Base::Vector3f rclCenter,
float  fMaxDist,
std::set< FacetIndex > &  visit,
MeshCollector collect 
) const

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