draftguitools.gui_circles.Circle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def GetResources (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftguitools.gui_arcs.Arc
def action (self, arg)
def Activated (self)
def drawArc (self)
def finish (self, closed=False, cont=False)
def GetResources (self)
def numericInput (self, numx, numy, numz)
def numericRadius (self, rad)
def updateAngle (self, angle)
def Activated (self, name="None", noplanesetup=False)
- Public Member Functions inherited from draftguitools.gui_base_original.DraftTool
def Activated (self, name="None", noplanesetup=False, is_subtool=False)
def commit (self, name, func)
def finish (self, close=False)
def getStrings (self, addrot=None)
def IsActive (self)

Public Attributes

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- Public Attributes inherited from draftguitools.gui_base_original.DraftTool

Detailed Description

Gui command for the Circle tool.

It inherits the entire `Arc` class.
The only difference is that the `closedCircle` attribute
is already set to `True`, and the `featureName` attribute
is `'Circle'`.

This will result in an arc that describes a complete circumference
so the starting angle and end angle will be the same.

Internally, both circular arcs and circles are `'Circle'` objects.

Both arcs and circles are `'Circle'` objects, but when it comes to the
Gui Commands, the relationships are reversed, and both launch the `Arc`

Maybe the relationship should be changed: the base Gui Command
should be `Circle`, and an arc would launch the same command,
as both are internally `'Circle'` objects.

Another possibility is to rename the `'Circle'` object to `'Arc'`.
Then both a circle and an arc would internally be `'Arc'` objects,
and in the Gui Commands they both would use the `Arc` command.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetResources()

def draftguitools.gui_circles.Circle.GetResources (   self)
Set icon, menu and tooltip.

Reimplemented from draftguitools.gui_arcs.Arc.

References draftutils.translate.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP.

Member Data Documentation

◆ closedCircle


◆ featureName

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