Introduction to FreeCAD development

Have you ever wanted to contribute back to the project? Let us help you getting started!

If you want to contribute, write a thread about what you want to do in the developers corner and we will do our best to get you going. This post provides a brief overview of our workflow.


The FreeCAD forum: is the primary place for communication between FreeCAD users as well as developers. This should be the first place to search for answers if you have any questions.

Note: When you create a forum account, it might take a while before it's activated as the process is currently manual. This is done to limit spamming.


FreeCAD uses MantisBT as its tracker for bug reporting and feature requests.
The FreeCAD tracker address is
Note: In order to create issues you will have to create an separate MantisBT account.

As we are getting a lot of reports please follow the rules before creating a new issue

  1. Make sure you're using the most updated stable or development versions of FreeCAD.
  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post to FreeCAD forum to verify the issue.
  3. Only after community vetting, open a ticket and link said thread to ticket and vice-a-versa.
  4. Post your Help>About FreeCAD>Copy to clipboard version info in to forum thread and ticket.
  5. Post a Step-By-Step explanation on how to recreate the issue.
  6. If possible, upload an example file to demonstrate problem.
  7. If there is a crash involved, please consider Debugging and attaching the traceback to the ticket.


FreeCAD uses MediaWiki for its documentation. To be able to modify the wiki, you must request access from the FreeCAD wiki admins.
Note: To get an Wiki account we require you to have a forum account with at least 1 post.
Before you start changing things in the wiki please read the WikiPages guidelines,
There are several rules on how to write on the wiki to keep it organized, high quality, translated and up to date. It's our practice to discuss the additions/changes one wants to make in the FC wiki subforum prior to posting.


The FreeCAD codebase is mostly C++ and Python, we are currently migrating to Python3, new contributions based on Python2.X are frowned upon. The git repo is hosted at


If you're interested developing for FreeCAD please look into

  1. Read the Source code wiki page and check the API reference .
  2. Creating your own workbench (See Workbench Creation , Module Creation , Workbench Starterkit )
  3. Modifying an existing workbench (View source code of any external workbench at FreeCAD-Addons Repo )
  4. Creating your own macro (Read more about FreeCAD Macros and the FreeCAD Macros Repo )
  5. Building FreeCAD and writing C++ code (See Compiling instructions )