ArchProfile Namespace Reference

Profile tools for ArchStructure. More...


class  Arch_Profile
class  ProfileTaskPanel
class  ViewProviderProfile


def makeProfile (profile=[0, 'REC', 'REC100x100', 'R', 100, 100])
def readPresets ()


list profilefiles

Detailed Description

Profile tools for ArchStructure.

This module provides tools to build base profiles for Arch Structure elements

Function Documentation

◆ makeProfile()

def ArchProfile.makeProfile (   profile = [0,'REC','REC100x100','R',100,100])
makeProfile(profile): returns a shape  with the face defined by the profile data

◆ readPresets()

def ArchProfile.readPresets ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ profilefiles

list ArchProfile.profilefiles
Initial value:
1= [os.path.join(FreeCAD.getResourceDir(),"Mod","Arch","Presets","profiles.csv"),
2 os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),"Presets","profiles.csv"),
3 os.path.join(FreeCAD.getUserAppDataDir(),"Arch","profiles.csv")]