Spreadsheet_legacy Namespace Reference


class  _Command_Spreadsheet_Controller
class  _Command_Spreadsheet_Create
class  _Command_Spreadsheet_PropertyController
class  MathParser
class  Spreadsheet
class  SpreadsheetController
class  SpreadsheetPropertyController
class  SpreadsheetView
class  ViewProviderSpreadsheet
class  ViewProviderSpreadsheetController
class  ViewProviderSpreadsheetPropertyController


def addSpreadsheetView (view)
def export (exportList, filename)
def insert (filename, docname)
def makeSpreadsheet ()
def makeSpreadsheetController (spreadsheet, cell=None, direction=None)
def makeSpreadsheetPropertyController (spreadsheet, object=None, prop=None, cell=None)
def open (filename)
def read (filename)


bool DEBUG = True
 pyopen = open

Function Documentation

◆ addSpreadsheetView()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.addSpreadsheetView (   view)

◆ export()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.export (   exportList,

References pyopen.

◆ insert()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.insert (   filename,

References read().

◆ makeSpreadsheet()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.makeSpreadsheet ( )

Referenced by read().

◆ makeSpreadsheetController()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.makeSpreadsheetController (   spreadsheet,
  cell = None,
  direction = None 
makeSpreadsheetController(spreadsheet,[cell,direction]): adds a
controller to the given spreadsheet. Call can be a starting cell such as "A5",
and direction can be "Horizontal" or "Vertical".

◆ makeSpreadsheetPropertyController()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.makeSpreadsheetPropertyController (   spreadsheet,
  object = None,
  prop = None,
  cell = None 
makeSpreadsheetPropertyController(spreadsheet,[object,prop,cell]): adds a
property controller, targeting the given object if any, to the given spreadsheet.
You can give a property (such as "Length" or "Proxy.Length") and a cell address
(such as "B6").

◆ open()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.open (   filename)

References read().

◆ read()

def Spreadsheet_legacy.read (   filename)

References makeSpreadsheet(), and pyopen.

Referenced by insert(), and open().

Variable Documentation


bool Spreadsheet_legacy.DEBUG = True

◆ pyopen

Spreadsheet_legacy.pyopen = open

Referenced by export(), and read().