PathScripts.PathCircularHoleBaseGui.TaskPanelOpPage Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def taskPanelBaseGeometryPage (self, obj, features)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PathScripts.PathOpGui.TaskPanelPage
def cleanupPage (self, obj)
def getFields (self, obj)
def getForm (self)
def getIcon (self, obj)
def getSignalsForUpdate (self, obj)
def getTitle (self, obj)
def initPage (self, obj)
def modifyStandardButtons (self, buttonBox)
def onDirtyChanged (self, callback)
def pageCleanup (self)
def pageGetFields (self)
def pageRegisterSignalHandlers (self)
def pageSetFields (self)
def pageUpdateData (self, obj, prop)
def populateCombobox (self, form, enumTups, comboBoxesPropertyMap)
def registerSignalHandlers (self, obj)
def resetToolController (self, job, tc)
def selectInComboBox (self, name, combo)
def setClean (self)
def setDirty (self)
def setFields (self, obj)
def setIcon (self, icon)
def setParent (self, parent)
def setTitle (self, title)
def setupCoolant (self, obj, combo)
def setupToolController (self, obj, combo)
def updateCoolant (self, obj, combo)
def updateData (self, obj, prop)
def updatePanelVisibility (self, panelTitle, obj)
def updateSelection (self, obj, sel)
def updateToolController (self, obj, combo)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Base class for circular hole based operation's page controller.

Member Function Documentation

◆ taskPanelBaseGeometryPage()

def PathScripts.PathCircularHoleBaseGui.TaskPanelOpPage.taskPanelBaseGeometryPage (   self,
taskPanelBaseGeometryPage(obj, features) ... Return circular hole specific page controller for Base Geometry.

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