PartDesignGui::TaskDlgFeatureParameters Class Reference

A common base for sketch based, dressup and other solid parameters dialogs. More...

#include <TaskFeatureParameters.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool accept ()
 is called by the framework if the dialog is accepted (Ok) More...
virtual bool reject ()
 is called by the framework if the dialog is rejected (Cancel) More...
 TaskDlgFeatureParameters (PartDesignGui::ViewProvider *vp)
PartDesignGui::ViewProviderviewProvider () const
 Returns the view provider dialog is runed for. More...
virtual ~TaskDlgFeatureParameters ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog
virtual void autoClosedOnTransactionChange ()
 is called by the framework when the dialog is automatically closed due to changing the active transaction More...
ButtonPosition buttonPosition () const
bool canClose () const
virtual void clicked (int)
 is called by the framework if a button is clicked which has no accept or reject role More...
virtual void closed ()
 is called by the framework when the dialog is closed More...
void emitDestructionSignal ()
const std::vector< QWidget * > & getDialogContent (void) const
const std::string & getDocumentName () const
virtual QDialogButtonBox::StandardButtons getStandardButtons (void) const
 tells the framework which buttons are wished for the dialog More...
virtual void helpRequested ()
 is called by the framework if the user press the help button More...
virtual bool isAllowedAlterDocument (void) const
virtual bool isAllowedAlterSelection (void) const
virtual bool isAllowedAlterView (void) const
bool isAutoCloseOnTransactionChange () const
bool isEscapeButtonEnabled () const
virtual void modifyStandardButtons (QDialogButtonBox *)
virtual bool needsFullSpace () const
virtual void open ()
 is called by the framework when the dialog is opened More...
void setAutoCloseOnTransactionChange (bool on)
 Defines whether a task dialog must be closed if the document changed the active transaction. More...
void setButtonPosition (ButtonPosition p)
void setDocumentName (const std::string &doc)
void setEscapeButtonEnabled (bool on)
 Defines whether a task dialog can be rejected by pressing Esc. More...
 TaskDialog ()
 ~TaskDialog ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog
std::vector< QWidget * > Content
 List of TaskBoxes of that dialog. More...
ButtonPosition pos

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog
enum  ButtonPosition { North , South }
- Signals inherited from Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog
void aboutToBeDestroyed ()

Detailed Description

A common base for sketch based, dressup and other solid parameters dialogs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TaskDlgFeatureParameters()

TaskDlgFeatureParameters::TaskDlgFeatureParameters ( PartDesignGui::ViewProvider vp)

References vp.

◆ ~TaskDlgFeatureParameters()

TaskDlgFeatureParameters::~TaskDlgFeatureParameters ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

bool TaskDlgFeatureParameters::accept ( void  )

is called by the framework if the dialog is accepted (Ok)

Reimplemented from Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog.

Reimplemented in PartDesignGui::TaskDlgTransformedParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgThicknessParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgSketchBasedParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgScaledParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgPipeParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgMultiTransformParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgMirroredParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgLoftParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgFilletParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgDressUpParameters, PartDesignGui::TaskDlgDraftParameters, and PartDesignGui::TaskDlgChamferParameters.

References Gui::cmdAppDocument(), Gui::cmdAppObjectHide(), Gui::cmdGuiDocument(), Gui::Command::commitCommand(), Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog::Content, Base::Persistence::getClassTypeId(), Gui::TaskView::TaskDialog::getDialogContent(), Gui::getMainWindow(), Base::Type::getName(), Gui::ViewProviderDocumentObject::getObject(), App::DocumentObject::getStatusString(), Base::Persistence::getTypeId(), Base::Type::isDerivedFrom(), App::DocumentObject::isValid(), draftguitools.gui_annotationstyleeditor::param, draftutils.translate::translate(), and vp.

Referenced by PartDesignGui::TaskDlgDressUpParameters::accept(), PartDesignGui::TaskDlgMultiTransformParameters::accept(), PartDesignGui::TaskDlgSketchBasedParameters::accept(), PartDesignGui::TaskDlgTransformedParameters::accept(), femexamples.examplesgui.FemExamples::clicked(), femexamples.examplesgui.FemExamples::double_clicked(), ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel::editObject(), and PathScripts.PathToolBitLibraryGui.ToolBitLibrary::toolEdit().

◆ reject()

◆ viewProvider()

Member Data Documentation

◆ vp

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