ArchFloor Namespace Reference

The Floor object and tools. More...


def makeFloor (objectslist=None, baseobj=None, name="Floor")

Detailed Description

The Floor object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Floor objects. Floors are used to group different Arch objects situated at a same level

Function Documentation

◆ makeFloor()

def ArchFloor.makeFloor (   objectslist = None,
  baseobj = None,
  name = "Floor" 
Obsolete, superseded by ArchBuildingPart.makeFloor.

Create a floor.

Create a new floor based on a group, and then adds the objects in
objectslist to the new floor.

objectslist: list of <App::DocumentObject>, optional
    The objects to add to the new floor.
name: str, optional
    The Label for the new floor.

    The created floor.

References DraftVecUtils.equals(), ArchCommands.printMessage(), and draftutils.translate.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP.