ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver Class Reference

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def addSelection (self, document, object, element, position)

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Selection observer used throughout the Arch module.

When a nextCommand is specified, the observer fires a Gui command when
anything is selected.

When a watched object is specified, the observer will only fire when this
watched object is selected.

TODO: This could probably use a rework. Most of the functionality isn't
used. It does not work correctly to reset the appearance of parent object
in ComponentTaskPanel.editObject(), for example.

watched: <App::DocumentObject>, optional
    If no watched value is provided, functionality relating to origin
    and hide parameters will not occur. Only the nextCommand will fire.

    When a watched value is provided, the selection observer will only
    fire when the watched object has been selected.
hide: bool
    Sets if the watched object should be hidden.
origin: <App::DocumentObject, optional
    If provided, and hide is True, will make the origin object
    selectable, and opaque (set transparency to 0).
nextCommand: str
    Name of Gui command to run when the watched object is selected, (if
    one is specified), or when anything is selected (if no watched
    object is specified).

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSelection()

def ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver.addSelection (   self,
Method called when a selection is made on the Gui.

When a nextCommand is specified, fire a Gui command when anything is

When a watched object is specified, only fire when this watched object
is selected.

document: str
    The document's Name.
object: str
    The selected object's Name.
element: str
    The element on the object that was selected, such as an edge or
    The location in XYZ space the selection was made.

References MeshGui::ViewProviderMeshCurvature.hide(), ArchSite.Compass.hide(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar.hide(), draftguitools.gui_snapper.Snapper.hide(), PathScripts.PathFeatureExtensionsGui._Extension.hide(), DocumentObject.ViewProvider.hide(), Mod.Show.mTempoVis.TempoVis.hide(), Gui::ViewProvider.hide(), DrawingGui::ViewProviderDrawingPage.hide(), DrawingGui::ViewProviderDrawingView.hide(), DrawingGui::ViewProviderDrawingClip.hide(), FemGui::ViewProviderFemAnalysis.hide(), FemGui::ViewProviderFemPostObject.hide(), InspectionGui::ViewProviderInspection.hide(), TechDrawGui::ViewProviderViewClip.hide(), Gui::ViewProviderDocumentObject.hide(), ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver.hide, FemFace.hide, PathScripts.PathToolEdit.ToolEditorImage.hide, TechDrawGui::ViewProviderDrawingView.hide(), TechDrawGui::ViewProviderPage.hide(), TechDrawGui::ViewProviderTemplate.hide(), ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver.nextCommand, ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver.origin, draftguitools.gui_trackers.rectangleTracker.origin, PartGui::DimensionLinear.origin, PartGui::VectorAdapter.origin, PathScripts.PathStock.StockFromBase.origin, KDL::Joint.origin, TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon.origin, and ArchComponent.ArchSelectionObserver.watched.

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