geoff_geometry::SpanVertex Class Reference

#include <geometry.h>

Public Member Functions

void Add (int offset, const SpanDataObject *Index)
void Add (int offset, int type, const Point &p0, const Point &pc, int ID=UNMARKED)
void AddSpanID (int offset, int ID)
const SpanDataObjectGet (int offset)
int Get (int offset, Point &pe, Point &pc)
const SpanDataObjectGetIndex (int offset) const
int GetSpanID (int offset)
const SpanVertexoperator= (const SpanVertex &spv)
 SpanVertex ()
 ~SpanVertex ()

Public Attributes

const SpanDataObjectindex [SPANSTORAGE]
int spanid [SPANSTORAGE]
int type [SPANSTORAGE]
double x [SPANSTORAGE]
double xc [SPANSTORAGE]
double y [SPANSTORAGE]
double yc [SPANSTORAGE]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SpanVertex()

geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::SpanVertex ( )

◆ ~SpanVertex()

geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::~SpanVertex ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add() [1/2]

void geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::Add ( int  offset,
const SpanDataObject Index 

◆ Add() [2/2]

void geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::Add ( int  offset,
int  type,
const Point p0,
const Point pc,

◆ AddSpanID()

void geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::AddSpanID ( int  offset,
int  ID 

◆ Get() [1/2]

const SpanDataObject * geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::Get ( int  offset)

◆ Get() [2/2]

int geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::Get ( int  offset,
Point pe,
Point pc 

◆ GetIndex()

const SpanDataObject * geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::GetIndex ( int  offset) const

◆ GetSpanID()

int geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::GetSpanID ( int  offset)

◆ operator=()

const SpanVertex & geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::operator= ( const SpanVertex spv)

References index, spanid, type, x, xc, y, and yc.

Member Data Documentation

◆ index

const SpanDataObject* geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::index[SPANSTORAGE]

◆ spanid

int geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::spanid[SPANSTORAGE]

Referenced by Add(), AddSpanID(), GetSpanID(), and operator=().

◆ type

int geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::type[SPANSTORAGE]

◆ x

◆ xc

double geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::xc[SPANSTORAGE]

Referenced by Add(), Get(), and operator=().

◆ y

◆ yc

double geoff_geometry::SpanVertex::yc[SPANSTORAGE]

Referenced by Add(), Get(), and operator=().

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