Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def setUp (self)
def testConversions (self)
def testDivide (self)
def testEnergy (self)
def testImperial (self)
def testIssue6735 (self)
def testQuantity (self)
def testSchemes (self)
def testSchemeTranslation (self)
def testSelfConsistency (self)
def testToString (self)
def testTrigonometric (self)
def testVoltage (self)

Public Attributes


Member Function Documentation

◆ setUp()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.setUp (   self)

◆ testConversions()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testConversions (   self)

◆ testDivide()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testDivide (   self)

◆ testEnergy()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testEnergy (   self)

◆ testImperial()

◆ testIssue6735()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testIssue6735 (   self)

◆ testQuantity()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testQuantity (   self)

◆ testSchemes()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testSchemes (   self)

◆ testSchemeTranslation()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testSchemeTranslation (   self)

◆ testSelfConsistency()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testSelfConsistency (   self)

◆ testToString()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testToString (   self)

◆ testTrigonometric()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testTrigonometric (   self)

◆ testVoltage()

def Mod.Test.UnitTests.UnitBasicCases.testVoltage (   self)

Member Data Documentation

◆ delta

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