SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.ENUMERATION Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def get_enum_ids (self)

Detailed Description

EXPRESS definition:
An ENUMERATION data type has as its domain an ordered set of names. The names represent
values of the enumeration data type.

Python implementation:
An enumeration is initialized from strings defining the types.
For instance, some EXPRESS definition:
TYPE ahead_or_behind = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; -- ahead_or_behind

is implemented in python with the line:
>>> ahead_of_behind = ENUMERATION('ahead','behind', the_current_scope)
>>> ahead_or_behind.ahead
>>> ahead_of_behind.behind

And, if and only if ahead and/or behind are not in scope (e.g. they are not entity names,
and/or many enums define the same enumeration identifier):
>>> ahead
>>> behind

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_enum_ids()

def SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.ENUMERATION.get_enum_ids (   self)

References SCL.ConstructedDataTypes.ENUMERATION._enum_ids.

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