Mod.Show.SceneDetails.Workbench.Workbench Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def apply_data (self, val)
def scene_value (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Mod.Show.SceneDetail.SceneDetail
def apply_data (self, val)
def full_key (self)
def scene_value (self)
def set_doc (self, doc)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string class_id = 'SDWorkbench'
bool mild_restore = True
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Mod.Show.SceneDetail.SceneDetail
bool affects_persistence = False
string class_id = ''
 data = None
 doc = None
 key = None
bool mild_restore = False
 Storage field for TV. More...

Detailed Description

Workbench(wb = None): Plugin for TempoVis for changing active workbench. 
wb: string, a name of a workbench (e.g. 'SketcherWorkbench')

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply_data()

def Mod.Show.SceneDetails.Workbench.Workbench.apply_data (   self,
apply a value to scene

Reimplemented from Mod.Show.SceneDetail.SceneDetail.

◆ scene_value()

def Mod.Show.SceneDetails.Workbench.Workbench.scene_value (   self)
scene_value(): returns the value from the scene

Reimplemented from Mod.Show.SceneDetail.SceneDetail.

Member Data Documentation

◆ class_id

string Mod.Show.SceneDetails.Workbench.Workbench.class_id = 'SDWorkbench'

◆ data

◆ key


◆ mild_restore

bool Mod.Show.SceneDetails.Workbench.Workbench.mild_restore = True

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