AdaptivePath::EngagePoint Class Reference


struct  EngageState

Public Member Functions

 EngagePoint (const Paths &p_toolBoundPaths)
DoublePoint getCurrentDir ()
IntPoint getCurrentPoint ()
EngageState GetState ()
bool moveForward (double distance)
void moveToClosestPoint (const IntPoint &pt, double step)
bool nextEngagePoint (Adaptive2d *parent, ClearedArea &clearedArea, double step, double minCutArea, double maxCutArea, int maxPases=2)
bool nextPath ()
void ResetPasses ()
void SetPaths (const Paths &paths)
void SetState (const EngageState &new_state)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EngagePoint()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCurrentDir()

◆ getCurrentPoint()

◆ GetState()

EngageState AdaptivePath::EngagePoint::GetState ( )

◆ moveForward()

◆ moveToClosestPoint()

◆ nextEngagePoint()

bool AdaptivePath::EngagePoint::nextEngagePoint ( Adaptive2d parent,
ClearedArea clearedArea,
double  step,
double  minCutArea,
double  maxCutArea,
int  maxPases = 2 

◆ nextPath()

◆ ResetPasses()

void AdaptivePath::EngagePoint::ResetPasses ( )

◆ SetPaths()

◆ SetState()

void AdaptivePath::EngagePoint::SetState ( const EngageState new_state)

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