PartGui::PropertyEnumAttacherItem Class Reference

Custom editor item for PropertyEnumeration to open Attacher task. More...

#include <PropertyEnumAttacherItem.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual PROPERTYITEM_HEADER QWidgetcreateEditor (QWidget *parent, const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const
 Creates the appropriate editor for this item and sets the editor to the value of overrideValue(). More...
virtual QVariant editorData (QWidget *editor) const
virtual void setEditorData (QWidget *editor, const QVariant &data) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
void appendChild (PropertyItem *child)
virtual void assignProperty (const App::Property *)
virtual void bind (const App::ObjectIdentifier &_path)
virtual void bind (const App::Property &prop)
 override the bind functions to ensure we issue the propertyBound() call, which is then overloaded by childs which like to be informed of a binding More...
PropertyItemchild (int row)
int childCount () const
int columnCount () const
QWidgetcreateExpressionEditor (QWidget *parent, const QObject *receiver, const char *method) const
virtual QVariant data (int column, int role) const
int decimals () const
QString expressionAsString () const
QVariant expressionEditorData (QWidget *editor) const
Qt::ItemFlags flags (int column) const
App::PropertygetFirstProperty ()
const App::PropertygetFirstProperty () const
const std::vector< App::Property * > & getPropertyData () const
bool hasAnyExpression () const
bool hasProperty (const App::Property *) const
void insertChild (int, PropertyItem *child)
bool isLinked () const
bool isReadOnly () const
virtual bool isSeparator () const
PropertyItemparent () const
virtual void propertyBound ()
QString propertyName () const
void removeChildren (int from, int to)
 PropertyItem::removeChildren Deletes the children in the range of [from, to]. More...
bool removeProperty (const App::Property *)
void reset ()
int row () const
bool setData (const QVariant &value)
void setDecimals (int)
void setExpressionEditorData (QWidget *editor, const QVariant &data) const
void setLinked (bool)
void setParent (PropertyItem *parent)
void setPropertyData (const std::vector< App::Property * > &)
 Sets the current property objects. More...
void setPropertyName (const QString &)
void setPropertyValue (const QString &)
void setReadOnly (bool)
PropertyItemtakeChild (int)
 PropertyItem::takeChild Removes the child at index row but doesn't delete it. More...
bool testStatus (App::Property::Status pos) const
void updateData ()
 ~PropertyItem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
virtual bool apply ()
virtual bool apply (const std::string &propName)
bool autoApply () const
 ExpressionBinding ()
QPixmap getIcon (const char *name, const QSize &size) const
bool hasExpression () const
bool isBound () const
void setAutoApply (bool value)
void unbind ()
virtual ~ExpressionBinding ()

Protected Slots

void openTask ()

Protected Member Functions

 PropertyEnumAttacherItem ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyEnumItem
 PropertyEnumItem ()
virtual void setValue (const QVariant &)
virtual QVariant value (const App::Property *) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
virtual QVariant decoration (const QVariant &) const
virtual QVariant displayName () const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void onChange ()
 PropertyItem ()
virtual QVariant toolTip (const App::Property *) const
virtual QVariant toString (const QVariant &) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
void expressionChange (const App::ObjectIdentifier &id)
std::string getEscapedExpressionString () const
boost::shared_ptr< App::ExpressiongetExpression () const
std::string getExpressionString (bool no_throw=true) const
const App::ObjectIdentifiergetPath () const
void objectDeleted (const App::DocumentObject &)
virtual void setExpression (boost::shared_ptr< App::Expression > expr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem
QList< PropertyItem * > childItems
bool cleared
QString displayText
bool linked
int precision
std::vector< App::Property * > propertyItems
QString propName
bool readonly
- Protected Attributes inherited from Gui::ExpressionBinding
QPalette defaultPalette
boost::signals2::scoped_connection expressionchanged
int iconHeight
bool m_autoApply
boost::signals2::scoped_connection objectdeleted

Detailed Description

Custom editor item for PropertyEnumeration to open Attacher task.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyEnumAttacherItem()

PropertyEnumAttacherItem::PropertyEnumAttacherItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createEditor()

QWidget * PropertyEnumAttacherItem::createEditor ( QWidget parent,
const QObject receiver,
const char *  method 
) const

Creates the appropriate editor for this item and sets the editor to the value of overrideValue().

Reimplemented from Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyEnumItem.

References draftgeoutils.intersections::connect(), Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem::isReadOnly(), openTask(), and Gui::PropertyEditor::PropertyItem::parent().

◆ editorData()

QVariant PropertyEnumAttacherItem::editorData ( QWidget editor) const

◆ openTask

◆ setEditorData()

void PropertyEnumAttacherItem::setEditorData ( QWidget editor,
const QVariant &  data 
) const

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