ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def correspondingweightsdatalists (self)
def weights ()
def weightsdata ()
def weightvaluesgreaterzero (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc4.ifcbsplinesurfacewithknots
def correspondingulists (self)
def correspondingvlists (self)
def knotspec ()
def knotuupper ()
def knotvupper ()
def udirectionconstraints (self)
def uknots ()
def umultiplicities ()
def vdirectionconstraints (self)
def vknots ()
def vmultiplicities ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc4.ifcbsplinesurface
def controlpoints ()
def controlpointslist ()
def selfintersect ()
def surfaceform ()
def uclosed ()
def udegree ()
def uupper ()
def vclosed ()
def vdegree ()
def vupper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc4.ifcsurface
def dim ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifc4.ifcrepresentationitem
def layerassignment ()
def styledbyitem ()

Public Attributes

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- Public Attributes inherited from ifc4.ifcbsplinesurface

Detailed Description

Entity ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots definition.

    :param weightsdata
    :type weightsdata:LIST(2,None,LIST(2,None,'REAL', scope = schema_scope))

    :param weights
    :type weights:ARRAY(0,uupper,ARRAY(0,vupper,'REAL', scope = schema_scope))

Member Function Documentation

◆ correspondingweightsdatalists()

def ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots.correspondingweightsdatalists (   self)

References App::TransactionFactory.self, Py::PythonExtension< T >.self(), Py::PythonClass< T >.self(), Py::PythonExtensionBase.self(), Gui::AutoSaver.self, Gui::Dialog::DownloadManager.self, ifc2x3.ifcrationalbeziercurve.weightsdata, ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinecurvewithknots.weightsdata, and ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots.weightsdata.

◆ weights()

◆ weightsdata()

def ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots.weightsdata ( )

◆ weightvaluesgreaterzero()

def ifc4.ifcrationalbsplinesurfacewithknots.weightvaluesgreaterzero (   self)

Member Data Documentation

◆ weightsdata

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