SMESH_ComputeError Struct Reference

Contains an algorithm and description of an occurred error. More...

#include <SMESH_ComputeError.hxx>

Public Member Functions

std::string CommonName () const
bool HasBadElems () const
bool IsCommon () const
bool IsKO () const
bool IsOK () const
 SMESH_ComputeError (int error=COMPERR_OK, std::string comment="", const SMESH_Algo *algo=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr New (int error=COMPERR_OK, std::string comment="", const SMESH_Algo *algo=0)
static SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr Worst (SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr er1, SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr er2)

Public Attributes

const SMESH_AlgomyAlgo
std::list< const SMDS_MeshElement * > myBadElements
 to explain COMPERR_BAD_INPUT_MESH More...
std::string myComment
int myName
 SMESH_ComputeErrorName or anything algo specific. More...

Detailed Description

Contains an algorithm and description of an occurred error.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SMESH_ComputeError()

SMESH_ComputeError::SMESH_ComputeError ( int  error = COMPERR_OK,
std::string  comment = "",
const SMESH_Algo algo = 0 

Member Function Documentation

◆ CommonName()

std::string SMESH_ComputeError::CommonName ( ) const

References myName.

◆ HasBadElems()

bool SMESH_ComputeError::HasBadElems ( ) const

◆ IsCommon()

bool SMESH_ComputeError::IsCommon ( ) const

◆ IsKO()

bool SMESH_ComputeError::IsKO ( ) const

◆ IsOK()

bool SMESH_ComputeError::IsOK ( ) const

◆ New()

◆ Worst()

SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr SMESH_ComputeError::Worst ( SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr  er1,
SMESH_ComputeErrorPtr  er2 

Member Data Documentation

◆ myAlgo

const SMESH_Algo* SMESH_ComputeError::myAlgo

◆ myBadElements

std::list<const SMDS_MeshElement*> SMESH_ComputeError::myBadElements


◆ myComment

std::string SMESH_ComputeError::myComment

◆ myName

int SMESH_ComputeError::myName

SMESH_ComputeErrorName or anything algo specific.

Referenced by CommonName().

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