feminout.importZ88Mesh Namespace Reference


def export (objectslist, filename)
def get_z88_element_type (femmesh, femelement_table=None)
def import_z88_mesh (filename, analysis=None, docname=None)
def insert (filename, docname)
def open (filename)
def read (filename)
def read_z88_mesh (z88_mesh_input)
def write (fem_mesh, filename)
def write_z88_mesh_to_file (femnodes_mesh, femelement_table, z88_element_type, f)


 pyopen = open
dictionary z88_ele_types

Function Documentation

◆ export()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.export (   objectslist,

◆ get_z88_element_type()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.get_z88_element_type (   femmesh,
  femelement_table = None 

◆ import_z88_mesh()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.import_z88_mesh (   filename,
  analysis = None,
  docname = None 
read a FEM mesh from a Z88 mesh file and
insert a FreeCAD FEM Mesh object in the ActiveDocument

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.read().

Referenced by feminout.importZ88Mesh.insert().

◆ insert()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.insert (   filename,
called when freecad wants to import a file
a FEM mesh object is created in a existing document

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.import_z88_mesh().

Referenced by feminout.importZ88Mesh.open().

◆ open()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.open (   filename)
called when freecad opens a file
a FEM mesh object is created in a new document

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.insert().

◆ read()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.read (   filename)
read a FemMesh from a Z88 mesh file and return the FemMesh

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.read_z88_mesh().

Referenced by feminout.importZ88Mesh.import_z88_mesh().

◆ read_z88_mesh()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.read_z88_mesh (   z88_mesh_input)
 reads a z88 mesh file z88i1.txt (Z88OSV14) or z88structure.txt (Z88AuroraV3)
    and extracts the nodes and elements

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.pyopen.

Referenced by feminout.importZ88Mesh.read().

◆ write()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.write (   fem_mesh,
directly write a FemMesh to a Z88 mesh file format
fem_mesh: a FemMesh

References feminout.importZ88Mesh.get_z88_element_type(), feminout.importZ88Mesh.pyopen, and feminout.importZ88Mesh.write_z88_mesh_to_file().

◆ write_z88_mesh_to_file()

def feminout.importZ88Mesh.write_z88_mesh_to_file (   femnodes_mesh,

Variable Documentation

◆ pyopen

◆ z88_ele_types

dictionary feminout.importZ88Mesh.z88_ele_types
Initial value:
1= {
2 "tetra4": 17,
3 "tetra10": 16,
4 "hexa8": 1,
5 "hexa20": 10,
6 "tria3": 0, # no tria3 available in Z88
7 "tria6": 24,
8 "quad4": 0, # no quad4 available in Z88
9 "quad8": 23,
10 "seg2": 4, # 3D Truss element
11 "seg3": 4, # 3D Truss element
12 "None": 0,