Part::AttachEngineException Class Reference

#include <AttachExtension.h>

Public Member Functions

 AttachEngineException ()
 Construction. More...
 AttachEngineException (const char *sMessage)
 AttachEngineException (const std::string &sMessage)
virtual ~AttachEngineException () throw ()
 Destruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base::Exception
std::string getFile () const
std::string getFunction () const
int getLine () const
std::string getMessage () const
virtual PyObjectgetPyExceptionType () const
 returns the corresponding python exception type More...
virtual PyObjectgetPyObject ()
 returns a Python dictionary containing the exception data More...
bool getReported () const
bool getTranslatable () const
virtual Base::Type getTypeId (void) const
Exceptionoperator= (const Exception &inst)
virtual void ReportException () const
 Reports exception. It includes a mechanism to only report an exception once. More...
void setDebugInformation (const std::string &file, const int line, const std::string &function)
 setter methods for including debug information intended to use via macro for autofilling of debugging information More...
void setMessage (const char *sMessage)
void setMessage (const std::string &sMessage)
virtual void setPyException () const
 Sets the Python error indicator and an error message. More...
virtual void setPyObject (PyObject *pydict)
 returns sets the exception data from a Python dictionary More...
void setReported (bool reported)
void setTranslatable (bool translatable)
virtual const char * what () const throw ()
virtual ~Exception () throw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
 BaseClass ()
 Construction. More...
 BaseClass (const BaseClass &)=default
virtual PyObjectgetPyObject ()
 This method returns the Python wrapper for a C++ object. More...
virtual Type getTypeId () const
bool isDerivedFrom (const Type type) const
BaseClassoperator= (const BaseClass &)=default
virtual void setPyObject (PyObject *)
virtual ~BaseClass ()
 Destruction. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Base::Exception
static void * create (void)
static Base::Type getClassTypeId (void)
static void init (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
static void * create ()
static Type getClassTypeId ()
static void init ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Base::Exception
 Exception ()
 Exception (const char *sMessage)
 Exception (const Exception &inst)
 Exception (const std::string &sMessage)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Base::BaseClass
static void initSubclass (Base::Type &toInit, const char *ClassName, const char *ParentName, Type::instantiationMethod method=nullptr)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AttachEngineException() [1/3]

AttachEngineException::AttachEngineException ( )


◆ AttachEngineException() [2/3]

AttachEngineException::AttachEngineException ( const char *  sMessage)

◆ AttachEngineException() [3/3]

AttachEngineException::AttachEngineException ( const std::string &  sMessage)

◆ ~AttachEngineException()

virtual Part::AttachEngineException::~AttachEngineException ( )
throw (


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