TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup Class Reference

#include <TaskProjGroup.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool accept ()
virtual bool apply ()
bool getCreateMode ()
void modifyStandardButtons (QDialogButtonBox *box)
std::pair< int, intnearestFraction (const double val, const long int maxDenom=999) const
virtual bool reject ()
void saveButtons (QPushButton *btnOK, QPushButton *btnCancel, QPushButton *btnApply)
void setCreateMode (bool b)
void setFractionalScale (double newScale)
 TaskProjGroup (TechDraw::DrawProjGroup *featView, bool mode)
void updateTask ()
 ~TaskProjGroup ()

Protected Slots

void AutoDistributeClicked (bool b)
void projectionTypeChanged (QString qText)
void rotateButtonClicked (void)
 Requests appropriate rotation of our DrawProjGroup. More...
void scaleManuallyChanged (int i)
void scaleTypeChanged (int index)
void spacingChanged (void)
 Updates item spacing. More...
void viewToggled (bool toggle)

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *e)
QString formatVector (Base::Vector3d v)
void restoreGroupState ()
void saveGroupState ()
void setUiPrimary (void)
void setupViewCheckboxes (bool addConnections=false)
 Connects and updates state of view checkboxes to match the state of multiView. More...

Protected Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TaskProjGroup()

◆ ~TaskProjGroup()

TaskProjGroup::~TaskProjGroup ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

◆ apply()

◆ AutoDistributeClicked

void TaskProjGroup::AutoDistributeClicked ( bool  b)

◆ changeEvent()

void TaskProjGroup::changeEvent ( QEvent e)

◆ formatVector()

QString TaskProjGroup::formatVector ( Base::Vector3d  v)

References DraftVecUtils::toString().

Referenced by setUiPrimary().

◆ getCreateMode()

bool TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup::getCreateMode ( void  )

◆ modifyStandardButtons()

void TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup::modifyStandardButtons ( QDialogButtonBox *  box)

◆ nearestFraction()

std::pair< int, int > TaskProjGroup::nearestFraction ( const double  val,
const long int  maxDenom = 999 
) const

Referenced by setFractionalScale().

◆ projectionTypeChanged

void TaskProjGroup::projectionTypeChanged ( QString  qText)

◆ reject()

◆ restoreGroupState()

◆ rotateButtonClicked

void TaskProjGroup::rotateButtonClicked ( void  )

Requests appropriate rotation of our DrawProjGroup.

References TechDraw::DrawProjGroup::rotate(), setUiPrimary(), and TechDraw::DrawProjGroup::spin().

Referenced by TaskProjGroup().

◆ saveButtons()

void TaskProjGroup::saveButtons ( QPushButton btnOK,
QPushButton btnCancel,
QPushButton btnApply 

◆ saveGroupState()

◆ scaleManuallyChanged

◆ scaleTypeChanged

◆ setCreateMode()

void TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup::setCreateMode ( bool  b)

◆ setFractionalScale()

void TaskProjGroup::setFractionalScale ( double  newScale)

References nearestFraction().

Referenced by TaskProjGroup(), updateTask(), and viewToggled().

◆ setUiPrimary()

void TaskProjGroup::setUiPrimary ( void  )

◆ setupViewCheckboxes()

void TaskProjGroup::setupViewCheckboxes ( bool  addConnections = false)

Connects and updates state of view checkboxes to match the state of multiView.

If addConnections is true, then also sets up Qt connections between checkboxes and viewToggled()

References draftgeoutils.intersections::connect(), TechDraw::DrawProjGroup::hasProjection(), and viewToggled().

Referenced by projectionTypeChanged(), and TaskProjGroup().

◆ spacingChanged

void TaskProjGroup::spacingChanged ( void  )

◆ updateTask()

◆ viewToggled

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_mdi

MDIViewPage* TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup::m_mdi

Referenced by TaskProjGroup().

◆ m_page

TechDraw::DrawPage* TechDrawGui::TaskProjGroup::m_page

Referenced by TaskProjGroup().

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